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The “Honest Candidate” sequel shared an exciting new poster last week!

The story of 1

The first film is about Joo Sang Sook (Ra Mi Ran), a member of the National Assembly who suddenly finds herself unable to lie just before a new round of elections, even though her entire political career so far has been based on lies.

The story of 2

In “Honest Candidate 2“, Ra Mi Ran will reprise his role as Joo Sang Sook, who is now an unemployed former member of the National Assembly. She will be joined by Kim Moo Yeol as her loyal assistant. Park Hui Cheol and Yoon Kyung Ho in that of her immature husband Bong Man Shik. Seo Hyun Woo, Park Jin Joo, and Yoon Doojoon (Highlight) are joining the cast of the sequel.

The posters

The main poster features Joo Sang Wook flashing a big smile with a megaphone in his hand, while next to him Park Hui Cheol displays a sinister expression as he poses with two fingers raised.

The duo, who showed fantastic team spirit in the first film, will once again have viewers laughing with their hilarious teamwork as they encounter new obstacles.

The text of the poster reads: “Double the fun! Double the laughs! Double the explosion of honest big heads that can’t lie! »

The roles

Fans are waiting to see what kind of roles Seo Hyun Woo, Park Jin Joo, and Yoon Doojoon will play in the movie.

“Honest Candidate 2” will be released in Korean cinemas on September 28.

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