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: Thriller, Mystery, Crime

The thriller “Confession” (directed by Jong Seok Yoon, produced by Realize Pictures) has been selected as the closing film of the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival.

Korean Movie Confession 2022
korean movie
The story, basically…

“Confession” tells the story of a promising businessman identified as a suspect in a secret murder case and a lawyer with a 100% success rate who tries to prove his innocence while trying to piece together the pieces. of a hidden affair. Starring So Ji Sub, Kim Yun Jin, Nana, and Choi Kwang Il, this is director Yoon Jong Seok’s commercial feature debut.


Confession (2022)

A prize at the festival

The act of “confession” is not unusual. The film was selected as the closing film of the Udine Far Eastern Film Festival, after winning best director award during Director’s Week at Fantasporto – Porto International Film Festival, one of the three largest international fantasy film festivals in the world and the best film festival in Portugal.

At the Far East Festival

The 24th Udine Far East Film Festival, which will be held in Italy from the 22nd to the 30th, is a film festival that presents Asian films. This year, as various Korean works were invited and attracted attention, ‘Confession’ was selected as the closing film with nominations for the best performance category, attracting attention.

Sabrina Baracheti, Executive Director of the Udine Far Eastern Film Festival, said:

“’Confession’ is a clever work that freely plays with the mind of the audience by repeatedly constructing and destroying viewers’ judgment through plot twists and inversions. So Ji Sub and Kim Yun-jin’s close psychological warfare will constantly stimulate the audience’s senses until the end of the film. »

The teaser

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After the trailer was released, “Confession” caught the eye with the complex story surrounding the truth of the murder case in the secret room and the reunion of actors representing Chungmuro.

So Ji Sub, who defied the thriller genre for the first time in her life, as Yoo Min Ho as a suspect in a murder case, and famed thriller queen Kim Yun Jin as Lawyer Yang Shin Ae being able to exonerate Yoo Min Ho.

Nana, who thanks to her excellent acting skills, takes on the role of Kim Se Hee, holds the key to the case, and Choi Kwang Il, takes on the role of Han Young Seok, who seeks another truth about life. case, adding tension to the play.

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