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There are K-Drama fans across the globe who share the same passion. But on online platforms, it is hard to know about each other’s stories and tastes. Even if we are in the same fandom, it is hard to get to know each other.

So at Kpopmap, we started the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project to get to know more about K-Drama fans from different countries. Just like the Kpopmap Fan Interview for idols, the Kpopmap Fan Interview for actors aims to open the opportunity for fans to promote, talk about, and share their love for their favorite actor/actress with our readers.

JCW Support Latin America is the next ones to answer our questions about their favorite actor- Ji ChangWook! Check out how they became her fan, the reasons why they are a fan, the dramas they recommend, and much more insights about Ji ChangWook.

Ji ChangWook Official / JCW Support Latin America’s favorite picture

Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?

We are “JCW Support Latin America”, a fan club of Actor Ji ChangWook and we gather fans from various Latin American countries. Today we have offices in different countries:
– Chile
– Peru
– Guatemala
– Paraguay
– Mexico

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

1st Look

As additional information for this interview and because for us it is important as a fan club that brings together fans from different parts of LATAM, we mention that in the approximately 3 years that we have been in existence, we have participated in numerous projects in support of our favorite actor and all have been successfully achieved. We were the first Latin Fan Club to send a food truck to our beloved actor when he was filming the drama “Backstreet Rookie”.
Since that day, we have not stopped, our goal is for more people to know about him, and with that goal came our first advertising project, which was carried out in Mexico. It consisted of placing videos of Ji ChangWook on screens within all the Mexico City metro stations.
We managed to get the Influencer and journalist Jini Chanel to make a special program on her YouTube channel and social networks, telling a little about the artistic career of our actor.
We have made multiple donations on behalf of our actor since a while ago since he decided not to take any more gifts from fans clubs for his birthday and he thought that maybe it would be better to try to do good for the people who need it most.
And following his recommendation and because of our conviction, donations have been made to the Miral Foundation in Korea, an NGO that supports artists with disabilities, and we also reached World Vision in the Philippines, Syria and Korea.
Similarly, we purchase trees to support the reforestation of our Amazon, naming our actor “Ambassador of the Amazon”.
Recently, to commemorate Wookie’s 36th birthday, 2 projects were carried out, in Chile, the projection of a video on an advertising screen and we decided to support people without a voice, those beings who cannot ask for help and we chose the NGO Kara, based in Korea.
The above are just some of our projects, we hope to continue for many more years, we are sure that at some point our actor will know that from this side of the world, there are many hearts that love him.

Who is your favorite Korean actor/actress? And how and when did you become a fan?

We met our favorite actor through different means, through his photos, through his music videos but mainly through his K-Dramas. For all of the above, we are trapped by his charm, charisma and versatility.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook


What are the reasons why you love your favorite actor?

We have many reasons to love and follow him. First of all, his great talent, his ability to play any character and make it believable, his captivating charisma and as if that weren’t enough, he has a smile that lights up his beautiful face that is perfect for his fans.

Can you recommend dramas or movies starring your favorite actor for new fans?

All his works are recommendable- at least his fans think so. Each work is attractive depending on the viewer’s preference, but as usual, some of his dramas have had a greater acceptance. Among the most viewed are:
– “The K2”
– “Healer”
– “Suspicious Partner”
– “Empress Ki”
– “Melting Me Softly”
– “Lovestruck in the City”
– “The Sound of Magic”

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

“Melting Me Softly” (tvN)

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

“Lovestruck in the City” (Kakao TV) / “Empress Ki” (MBC) / “The Sound of Music” (Netflix) / “The K2” (tvN)

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

“Healer” (KBS) / “Suspicious Partner” (SBS)

Do you have an all-time favorite scene? Can you describe it or share a video?

We have many favorite scenes, each drama has one or several scenes that mark us and those that are undoubtedly our favorites.
“The K2” caught us with many scenes but the action ones are amazing since he has a great ability to develop them, there is a scene that falls in love and it is the one in which he protects the lady he works for from the attack of his adversaries and also from the rain.
“Healer” is also captivating with many romantic scenes, among which the appointment at the cinema stands out because we believe that it leaves you wanting to be there sharing with him.
In “Melting Me Softly”, the kiss under the shower is a very hot scene, romantic and tender at the same time because it shows the love and desire of the young man for his girl and his protective instinct towards her.

What was your favorite answer given by your favorite actor in an interview?

Ji ChangWook is an actor who always leaves us with beautiful feelings in every interview. His answers are correct, precise and show his jovial, modest and responsible character. We always remember each one of his answers but especially when he said: “For me, chasing dreams is something very valuable. Life can be long or short and when you are doing what you want, you will become your true self so that you do not regret it. If you live only for others, is that your true self?”

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook


What is your favorite actor’s influence on your daily life or yourself?

For us, talking about Ji ChangWook is a great pleasure and we enjoy it. Following him fills us with many emotions and knowing about his triumphs makes us very happy. As fans, everything he shares with us about his life and career is reason to enjoy.
It is important to mention that at the same time, knowing about him, his series, the content of his vlog and his YouTube channel, we learn about Asian culture and especially Korean culture.

What genre do you want your favorite actor to appear in? What’s the reason?

Ji ChangWook is an actor who has done it all, he has acted in action dramas, romance, comedies, and musicals, and as he said, “I look forward to more different challenges in the future… There are too many that I want to attempt.”
We can say that we are pleased with each of the characters that he has given us. But if we can comment on a specific topic, we would like to see him act as a doctor, that is a performance that we have yet to enjoy.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook


Which actors would you like your favorite actor to act with? What’s the reason?

He is an actor who shines with his own light, therefore, any actor who works with him will also shine and do a great job. JCW (Ji ChangWook) is very friendly with everyone on the film set and enjoys helping out his fellow cast members. There is a large constellation of star actors in Korea but we would particularly like to see him work alongside Park SeoJoon and actress Park BoYoung as we think they can have very good chemistry with each other.

Which character played by your favourite actor do you think deserved better?

Of all the characters played by Ji ChangWook they believe that Emperor TaHwan from the drama “Empress Ki” could have had a better ending, however, we understand that it is a drama based on real historical events and it could not be otherwise.

Which co-actor do you think had the best chemistry with your favourite actor?

Ji ChangWook is cute with all of his co-stars, although some prefer one or another actress, our opinion is that with Nam JiHyun, in the drama “Suspicious Partner”, he was the one with whom he had the most chemistry.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

Ji ChangWook’s Instagram

What’s your favourite 2022 moment involving your favourite actor?

Seeing our actor in any stage is really a pleasure for his fans, there were several favorite moments in this 2022, but we love seeing him in the premiere of “The Sound of Magic”, the first musical drama in South Korea, where he displayed his singing qualities. He is, was and will be what he has been from the beginning, a distinguished musical theater actor.

If you could spend the day with them, what would you want to do together?

Spending a day with Ji ChangWook is the dream of every fan, if that could be possible, we would like to camp with him, cook typical food from our countries, show him the riches of LATAM, our customs, our music, talk about his life, in short, enjoy his company.

How do you support them the most?

We always look for ways to support our favorite actor, buying official merchandising, looking at his work on official platforms, promoting his work on our social networks so that they reach many people and learn about him. Our main objective as a fanclub is to make him known in Latin America.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

1st Look

Is there any role you want to see your favorite actor do?

A medical drama. Seeing him in a role as a doctor is something he owes us. He performs very professionally with each character and we thought that in this kind of drama he would also do a stellar role.

What is your favourite way of communicating with your favourite actor?

We communicate with him almost daily through an account that he created on Instagram specifically to interact with his fans. There we enjoy the dynamics that he shares where he invites us to participate.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

Glorious Entertainment

If you could place your favourite actor in a K-Pop group, which group would it be and why?

Although Ji ChangWook has the style and presence for a K-Pop idol and he sings at all his fan meetings, he doesn’t belong to any K-Pop group. If we had to choose, we’d like to see him on CNBLUE. We think he’d look great there well, it goes more with his style.

What is the biggest mystery about your favourite actor?

Our favorite boy is very transparent. We know a lot about his life because as his followers, we are always aware of everything but there is something we still don’t know and that at the moment is his biggest mystery- his uncontrollable phobia towards insects, we would like know why.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook


Would you like to see your favorite actor in variety shows? What type of variety show would you like them to do?

We love seeing him on variety shows. In fact, he has achieved several, we are currently enjoying one – ‘Young Actors Retreat”. It is very funny and in a certain way, it also helps us to know more about him.
We would like to see him in survival and travel programs, also where he goes camping. He already has his own experience in this type of activity.

Do you feel there are any misunderstandings, things that are not well known, or any prejudices about your favorite actor?

Just as JCW has fans, there are people who for various reasons are not supporters of him but we believe that if they knew him as an actor and as a person they would have a different opinion and they would understand why we follow him. We think that his life and behavior are very transparent and therefore, there are no misunderstandings about him.

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook

Glorious Entertainment

Have you ever made a new friend because of K-Dramas?

This world of K-Dramas has brought together many fans who love these series. It’s no different with us. Through K-Dramas, we met Ji ChangWook and automatically became a big family, in a world that loves Ji ChangWook and his dramas. Sharing opinions and experiences has become an everyday thing in our lives. Our common passion is Ji ChangWook and we owe that to K-Dramas.

JCW Support Latin America’s message for Ji ChangWook:

Dear Ji ChangWook,
This could be goodbye but we prefer to start saying that we love you!!!!
For your fans in Latin America, you are not a utopia and we don’t only feel love on the screen because you are real and you exist for our joy.
We enjoy your triumphs as if they were ours and when you update your social networks, you make our days happier and we understand that we have to live happily every day no matter how difficult it is.
Thanks to you, we have met extraordinary people who are also your fans, thanks to you we have created our wonderful Ji world.
Beyond your music, your talent as an actor and your infinite beauty, what caught us most about you is your life story, your humility, that warm heart and the extraordinary human being that you are.
From this side of the world, we want you to know that there are many hearts that love you, we want you to take care of yourself, that you always stay healthy and that you never lose that bright and beautiful smile that is the reason for ours.
Even in the distance we will go hand in hand until the end, we promise you!
Be always happy!! ❤
JCW Support Latin America

Thank you for answering our questions, JCW Support Latin America.

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Kpopmap Fan Interview: A Latin American Fanbase Talks About Their Favorite Actor Ji ChangWook


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