South Korea | 2022 | Mystery – Fantastic | 16 episodes

Attention of the spoiler do you want some here, it is said!

How can I say ? Yes, I know… Those first two episodes are just  Oh My God !!

I completely immersed myself in the plot. The guy, a fearless prosecutor, begins by presenting himself to us on the “battle” field against bandits against whom he defends himself with a good dose of intelligence.

 Obviously, you have understood it, we are immediately conquered by Lee Joon Gi, what more can we say, just him and everything is said but in addition the actors around are really brilliant.

I really liked Hee Woo’s confrontation with Tea Seob (that excellent actor Lee Kyung Young , who we know to hate in a split second)… their personalities ricochet when they’re face to face and we don’t may ask which of the two is the better actor…. no, I haven’t found it.

 In short, the story is skillfully set, very quickly, not even an episode and our hero is dead…. uh yes, it surprised me, but then {spoil} we look back on his past with the second chance offered to him {/spoil} and there we discover everything that makes him like this in the present and all that that he manages to apprehend differently which will certainly make his life completely different….

 Basically, the genre does not specify romance… what do you think, his return to the past does not seem to leave him indifferent to several women he meets unlike his story before… will we have right to a bit of romance…

In conclusion, I won’t say more, but really, I devoured these two episodes in one evening, thinking to myself, damn, it’s another torture that’s beginning, we have to wait for the sequel! And yes…

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 So, I’m very much looking forward to the sequel! And you? What did you think of these two episodes? Are you looking forward to seeing the sequel? Leave us lots of comments


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