KBS2’s upcoming Korean Drama “  If You Wish Upon Me  ” also known as “  Tell Me Your Wish  ” has shared its first photos of Ji Chang Wook!

The story in brief…

“ If You Wish Upon Me  ” is a Drama inspired by a real-life organization in the Netherlands that makes wishes come true for terminal cancer patients. A touching story will unfold as a young man, pushed to the limit by a life full of struggles, visits a palliative care hospital and joins the hospital staff in fulfilling the various wishes of people at the end of life. . Besides Ji Chang Wook, the drama also stars Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Sung Dong Il.

Ji Chang Wook will play the role of Yoon Gyeo Re , who after struggling to survive is clinging to the present without any determination. He’s a “broken adult child” who has made a habit of hurting himself by getting tattoos all over his body. Yoon Gyeo Re struggled desperately against cold reality, going through an orphanage, a youth detention center, and a prison.

Update of 07/16

1 Teaser

The teaser begins with Seo Yeon Joo asking Yoon Gyeo Re, “Have you ever been happy before? “. He replies, “No, I never was. His voice-over, annoyed, wonders aloud: “How could I end up like this? “. The clip shows Yoon Gyeo Re going through all kinds of trials and tribulations, and he never experiences a happy moment in his miserable life.

With a trembling voice, Yoon Gyeo Re said desperately, “Let me live a normal life like everyone else. Then he bursts into emotional sobs, shouting, “Is that too much to ask? “.

Update of 12/07

2 Posters of Ji Chang Wook

Today two posters of the Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me appeared this morning.

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The first poster shows Ji Chang Wook transforming into a character he has never portrayed before. Drama fans immediately notice the tattoos on his arms, and his expression is blank and expressionless, as if he doesn’t really feel any emotions. The text on the poster reads: “  Granting wishes? Are you paid for this? ” 

Ji Chang Wook
Granting wishes? Are you paid for this?

The second poster contrasts sharply with the first. Yoon Gyeo Re is holding a puppy tight in her arms, and it exudes loneliness, without any harshness from before. He stands on the beach in an immaculate suit, and his gaze is fixed on the ground.

Photo: Ji Chang Wook embodies Yoon Gyeo Re to perfection.

The newly released photo shows Ji Chang Wook ‘s transformation into Yoon Gyeo Re. With a rebellious spirit and an arm covered in tattoos, Yoon Gyeo Re’s gaze conveys his lack of attachment to the world. Viewers are already curious to see how Ji Chang Wook will portray Yoon Gyeo Re.

The production team shared:

“Ji Chang Wook has the impeccable appearance, manner of speaking and expression of Yoon Gyeo Re’s character himself. Please focus on Yoon Gyeo Re’s difficult life and why he was sent to an orphanage, youth detention center, and prison. Besides looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s performance of Yoon Gyeo Re, please show a lot of love and love for “If You Wish Upon Me” which will premiere in August.

If You Wish Upon Me will start on August 10th.

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