GOT7’s Jinyoung Explains Why He Has Two Artist Names And His Dreams…

L’interview Dazed

GOT7’s Jinyoung participated in a candid interview with Dazed !

In the video preceding the interview, Jinyoung introduced himself by saying, “Hello. I’m Park Jin Young and Jinyoung from GOT7. When asked the reason for this presentation, he explained, “It’s actually difficult. There are a lot of people working as Jinyoung, so I introduced myself by adding my group name, GOT7, but now that I’m working as Park Jin Young, I think I’m going through a process of transition between the two names. So when I introduce myself, I purposely say both names.

Jinyoung’s father once said, “Those who smash their dreams will achieve their dreams. Jinyoung shared that he still has deep empathy with this line and commented that it’s not a big thing to say. He remarked, “When you only think about your dreams, they end up developing in many directions in one thought. The quote says we have to be realistic about it. Everything starts from the bottom, but if you keep dreaming, it’s hard to stay true to reality. I think my dad meant that I shouldn’t think about what comes after work, but first accept reality and then make an effort. »

When asked what he wanted to be able to tell as a story, Park Jin Young revealed that he would like to be the kind of actor who can tell everything. He would like to be able to stick exactly what both the director and the screenwriters expect of him in order to be able to tell stories more precisely and in a more beautiful way to offer them to the public.

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Photo credit: Dazed

For Arena

GOT7’s Jinyoung also posed for Arena magazine and answered an interview at the end of filming for Yumi’s Cell.

After his sweet and dreamy pic, Jinyoung sat down to discuss his current drama “Yumi’s Cells 2,” in which he plays the kind and romantic Yoo Babi. As the drama is based on a webtoon, Jinyoung discussed the difficulties of starring in an adaptation:

“  I couldn’t disappoint the fans of the original work. However, if I was aware of the gaze of webtoon readers, I did not think I would be able to play my original role. ” 

Jinyoung was also asked what part of Yoo Babi’s plot he couldn’t relate to. He replied, “  The part where there is an earthquake in Babi’s cell village because he starts to have feelings for trainee Da Eun . »

About his career…

Now that 10 years have passed since Jinyoung’s debut (as JJ Project), he talked about his personal development. He shared, “  I feel less anxious than before. It’s great if I’m successful, but whatever result I produce, I don’t go into [a new business] harboring anxiety . »

Even before debuting with JJ Project, Jinyoung landed his first acting role in “Dream High 2.” As for the project that fueled his passion for comedy, Jinyoung chose his 2015 drama “My Love Eun Dong.” He explained, “I was sure of [my passion] playing the role of Park Hyun Soo in 1995’s ‘My Love Eun Dong.’ It was my first time playing a character with an independent narrative. It was really fun. »

Speaking of his roots…

Jin Young found…. in your twenties it is said that you plant your roots and that you consolidate them in your thirties. I think I planted my roots carefully. If I had done it alone, they could fall off easily. But, even with wind and storm, if they were to fall, I am surrounded by good people in case the wind blows so that they are not carried away.

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As his twenties gradually come to an end, Jin Yong found that he had met some good people. He is therefore waiting for his thirties with the hope of broadening his horizon in new beautiful and diversified projects and he is already looking forward to it.

Speaking of his future…

“Even though I don’t know where [I’m going], I hope [my career] will continue for a long, long time. When I see seasoned [actors] who work continuously and consistently, even as time passes, I respect them. I want to continue doing this work with a solid image. »

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