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Yumiko’s review

Like many of you I think, I too was waiting for this version with impatience. Firstly because I had to see (and forget lol) all the other versions, and it remains an emblematic “drama” no matter what, and secondly, because very often, when I watch a Thai version of a drama already released elsewhere, well, I generally find it rather good, even superior…

In short, I’m happy to embark on this one.

On the handsome side… we are served! So to tell you at this point which I prefer, I’m not sure, but Ren still has the better personality. He is nice and endearing. To talk about the actress: I find her much prettier than in other versions, especially when she is well dressed and then, at first I was a little scared, but in fact, she has a sick punch and we feels that she’s not going to let it go… and that’s really too good.

What about this version. Already I find it much darker than all the previous ones that I have seen. The sets are well chosen, dark but decorated with class. The main hero is a real little C*N. It’s undeniable, there will be a lot to straighten out with him, but we quickly understand why when we see his mother (a pretty actress by the way) who plays the coldness with great class  
Another character that I really liked also she’s Ren’s friend (who comes back from Paris). She is really super sweet and kind.

At this stage of the story (2 episodes seen), I find Gorya’s parents as painful as in the other versions. We just want them to disappear and quickly!! They’re stupid and only want one thing, money, even if it’s at their daughter’s expense. In short, they are already getting on my nerves.

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To close this initial opinion, I would say that this version sticks a lot to the Korean version in terms of history, modernized and better in terms of dialogues. However, there is also a touch of the Japanese or Chinese version (yes!!!) which does not lack charm.

 Overall, I’m pretty sure already that this version will be one of my favorites. The Thais really have the art of hooking us into their drama, I don’t know how, but it’s subtle and interesting. Basically, at the end of each episode, I want to see the next one, which is a good sign. The hardest part is waiting!!!

Maamotto’s opinion

I had been waiting for the release of this drama for months and months, to the point of having stopped counting! It is therefore excited like a chip that I started these first two episodes. And I must admit that it was a nice surprise. Ah good, but why? First of all, (and this is the superficial girl that I am speaking), because the F4 is super hot! I don’t think he had been this much in a while. None are to be thrown in the trash. It is even difficult to choose which is the most beautiful of the four!

Besides, the realization is really successful. Some shots are beautiful. I am thinking in particular of the scene between Ren and Gorya in the reserve (episode 1). In addition, this version is much darker than the previous ones. The bullying suffered in this school goes beyond anything one could imagine. It’s so monstrous, that it is very difficult, at the beginning of this drama, to appreciate our four male actors. We even wonder which is the least nasty of the four, they are so much rubbish! 

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Let’s get down to business! The chemistry between Gorya (aka Makino) and Thyme (Domyoji). She sends heavy and promises us beautiful moments ahead of us! The look he can throw at her takes on its full meaning (ex  here ). I just pray that the kisses aren’t too stoic (but for that, they would have had to be in college, not high school)! Please ! So I look forward to seeing their relationship progress.

The problem? Because yes, there must be a catch. As much as the main actors play quite well, as many others leave something to be desired. Like Gorya’s family (parent, brother, uncle…) who overplay as much as possible or even the three superficial moths. I even think that this drama could have stood out and brought more depth to its characters, if they weren’t so caricatured.

Also, if I had to compare this version to any other, I would say it comes closest to the Japanese version. However, I hope that the Squirrel / Kavin couple will end up like that of the Chinese version of 2018. But I have my doubts…

In short, these first two episodes completely convinced me and breathe new life into the dustier versions. I’m sure of one thing. I can’t wait to find out what’s next! I hope to see new scenes not present in the original frame. But one episode a week is hard…


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