What is the real beauty? The sparkling eyes, the eyebrows drawn in the brush, the blemish-free or acne-free face? Does this really mean beauty? Or does beauty mean just make-up?

Based on the Line Webtoon of the same name by Yaongyi

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School, Youth

Episode: 16

Cast: Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, Hwang In Yeop


Th story resolves around a young girl named- Lim Ju Kyung. From an early age, her family and the people around her were humiliated by her looks. This made Lim Ju Kyung believe that she was really ugly and unlovable perhaps. So, from then on, she accepted that she was actually a character from a horror comic book with a cursed face.

Even after she was admitted to school as a senior high school student, the red thread that was connected to humiliation did not leave behind chasing her back. As a result, she had to face constant bullying from the people around her at school because of her looks. This made her to try out make-up to look fabulous, to get accepted by people. After some time later she had to change her school due to family reasons, she appears in a new school in a completely different form. If anyone ever sees her without make-up, no one will recognize her.


Lim Ju Kyung: is a character who is always frustrated with her ugly face, she was afraid if someone saw her with her bare face, he/she would have changed their mind regarding her!

Moon Ga Young played the role of Lim Ju Kyung. I must say her performance as a school student was amazing, the way she has solved every problem during bullying. I have seen two more dramas of her before this, she is a really good actress.

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Lee Soo Ho: If I have to describe him through words, I would say he’s very angry yet innocent, this boy seems expressionless at first, but at the end, his improvement is noticeable. Not having a good relationship with his father, blaming himself for the death of someone close to him, this boy is very simple and conservative towards his love, as you will be watching the drama, you will notice the development.

Cha Eun Woo played the role like it was meant for him. His acting has improved a lot and expressions as well. And there is nothing new to say about his delicate handsome look.

Han Seo Joon: The naughty boy who was jumping all the time wanting to be an idol by looking at the throat of Tar’s song very beautifully.

Hwang In Yeop played the role and it was my first time seeing him in a drama, it was hard to believe that he is over 29. I want to see him in another drama very soon after winning my heart with his amazing performance.


Special Mention for this drama are- Grapefruit🍇 and Strawberry🍓 couples. I have rarely seen such a wonderful couple in the drama. Freedom-conscious, working like yourself, as well as being with the family … Even the people you love. And above.


“If I hate how I look just because others tease me, then it’s the same as admitting that I’m a loser-Go woon”

To change oneself just based on someone else’s words makes you feel really small. The beauty of one person varies from person to person. And just because one girl is not like other ten girls with drawn brows and sparkling barbie eyes or flawless face does not give anyone the right to denote her as not someone who is beautiful. If I want to change myself by thinking about it, then I also accept the fact that I am really ugly. But that is never the case. He who likes you will like all your beautiful and ugly flaws.

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This drama has one of the most beautiful OSTs like- I’m missing you. Also, Starlight, and in Hwang in yeop’s voice -It starts today. These OSTs were also equally beautiful.


From comedy to everyone’s love, family responsibilities, everything is shown in a perfect way in the drama. Lim Hae Kyung, Lim Ju Kyung and Lim Ju Young were three siblings.


This is a very good for watching as a binge watch. I had to sit and wait every week, when I started, I couldn’t understand when 60/70 minutes would go by.

Many people in Korea admit to bullying about beauty, the drama created a hype about that for a long time. According to me, the drama is not the best, but not the worst, but I can promise that your 16 hours will not fail you from watching it.

3/5 - (2 votes)

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