The tvN historical drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” is one of the most popular series on air right now. Starring Kim HyeSoo, the series tells the story of Queen HwaRyeong as she tries to make her troublemaker princes into prime and proper candidates worthy of the throne following the death of her son, the Crown Prince.

One of the main attraction of the series are the Princes and their dynamic and diverse personalities that is seen in their various scenes and interactions with each other. With each presenting strong charms and traits that many viewers find attractive and compelling, it could be safe to say, some also would like to have them as siblings as well.

We took a fun poll asking our readers to vote for the prince they would want to be their brother from the series “Under The Queen’s Umbrella“. A lot of votes were cast and we thank you for your active participation.

The results are in! Here are the top 3 princes that fans would love to have as a brother from the series “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”.

1. Prince UiSeong

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Played by SF9’s Chani, Prince UiSeong is depicted as the smart, dutiful, and ambitious prince who has his eyes set on the throne. He is strong-willed and fierce, with an almost arrogant like personality but beneath that, there are glimpses of kindness and loyalty in his heart. With 63.9% (12,024) of the total votes, fans would love to have him as a brother the most as he ranks 1st on the poll.

2. Grand Prince SeongNam

Top 3 Princes From "Under The Queen's Umbrella" That Fans Would Love To Have As A Brother The Most According To Kpopmap Readers


Played by new actor Moon SangMin, Grand Prince SeongNam is known for his handsome good looks, charismatic appearance, and free-spirited attitude. He is not like the rest of the Princes as he always puts the people first before the throne. He doesn’t necessarily believe in the traditions of the palace and neither is he interested in politics as well. He is considered a threat by the other consorts as In their eyes he is seen as the prime candidate to be the Crown Prince. However, he just wants to protect his loved ones, even at the risk of his life. With 34.3% (6,462) of the total votes. he ranks 2nd on this poll.

3. Prince BoGeom

Top 3 Princes From "Under The Queen's Umbrella" That Fans Would Love To Have As A Brother The Most According To Kpopmap Readers


Played by Kim MinGi , Prince BoGeom is known for his sarcastic expressions and his mischievous antics. He is smart, poise, ambitious, and has an air of superiority around him. Like many others, he also has his eyes on the throne and would seemingly do everything in he can to take it. With hopes for a redemption arc, fans are not giving up on him just yet, as with 0.5% (102) of the total votes, he ranks 3rd on the poll.

You can check out the poll below.

Are you watching the series? Which Prince do you think will claim the throne at the end? Let us know in the comments section below.

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