“The Witch Store Reopening” is a fantasy romance drama about a timid high school boy and how he meets the owner of a failing shop.  

It is a spin-off of the 2019 web drama “The Witch Store.” 

The leads in the drama are GFriend’s YeRin, and CIX’s YongHee. 

GFriend member, YeRin has appeared in the dramas “Girl of 0AM”, and “Just One Bite Season 2.”

This will be her first lead role in a drama.

She will also be starring in the 2022 drama “Sea Village Cloud Pension” so fans can look forward to her upcoming performances. 

This will be CIX member, YongHee’s acting debut. 

Fans can expect a fresh romance between YongHee and YeRin. 

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The Witch Store Reopening (2022)




Title: The Witch Store Reopening / The Witch Store Reopen / Manyeosangjeom Riopeun / 마녀상점 리오픈

Director: Jung SungBin

Writer: Ahn Hwa 

Network: Viki

Runtime: Nov. 8 ~ Dec. 6, 2022

# of Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Youth

Language: Korean



 A fantasy romance drama about a high school boy JiHo, who is timid and helpless without a dream, and how he meets Lee HaeNa, the owner of “The Witch Shop”, who struggles to save the store which is on the verge of closing.



“The Witch Store Reopening” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


Former GFriend’s YeRin as Lee HaeNa

A witch who owns “The Witch Shop.” She is cold and ruthless but possesses a magical charm.


“The Witch Store Reopening” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


CIX’s YongHee as Han JiHo

A helpless timid high school student with no motivation. He is a part-timer at “The Witch Shop.”


Teaser & Posters

Here is the teaser.

Here is the poster.

“The Witch Store Reopening” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary



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