NINE.i are the ten-member group signed under Firstone Entertainment who made their official debut on March 2022 with the release of their refreshingly exciting debut album “NEW WORLD”.

Bursting into the scene with their overflowing talents and charms, these rookie idols with a not-so-rookie-like skill set already poses as a sensational force that will continue to propel the industry and even elevate its standard and value in the nearest future.

New to them? Here are some of the many reasons why we love them and perhaps why you should too.


1. They are hilarious gems

Starting off with their personalities, you can expect to get your fill of laughter and delight from this rookie group. Be it on stage delivering an amazing performance or off-stage being their hilarious and chaotic selves, it is clear that with NINE.i, you’re bound to have the best time.

When it comes to K-Pop idols who are prime variety show material, NINE.i are one of them as each member is just as hilarious as the next. They really feed off each other’s energies so well, it’s very evident how strong the chemistry is. The members are quick-witted and smart, their punchlines always hit just right and their tiki-taka banter could serve as the highlight of a Netflix comedy special.

While they have lots of variety shows appearance that spotlights their amazing chemistry and hilarious nature, these behind videos give you a full dose of their charms as their interactions are so adorable, funny, and all-around wholesome.


2. They are amazing performers

When we think of groups with synchronized performances, we think of big names like SEVENTEEN, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, and SF9. And now, we might also add NINE.i as even though they are still a rookie group, their performance skill is definitely not rookie-like.

It feels like they have been training and performing together for years as they all move like they share one brain. Many of the members are very flexible, which is perhaps one of the reasons why their lines and extensions look so graceful and sharp. Looking at their performances (both covers and originals), we could be right in say that their style is a mix of modern dance, lyrical dance, and contemporary.

With almost every motion being a wow factor of their performance, from start to finish there is not a moment where you can take your eyes off them, if not for anything, just for the fear of missing out on an epic move or extra wow moment. And by the end of their performances, some of the statements that might run through your minds are “wow, they are so good!” Or “I really enjoyed this performance. And funny enough, they are just starting.


3. They are vastly talented

The members of NINE.i are vastly talented in various fields. Notably, Vahn and JooHyoung are known for their production skills, having either written, composed, and arranged all of their songs.

VaRi and Seo Won are both very acrobatic and even though they are shy bunnies, they do moves that are mind-blowing. Winnie, the resident Iron Man who simply looks cool with everything he does, is very athletic and can speak 4 languages, Thai, Korean, English, and a bit of Japanese.

Leader JeWon is not just an amazing vocalist, he is also a budding chef too. He is said to mostly do the cooking in the dorm.

MinJun is a budding choreographer with a specialty in modern dance. During his participation on the MBC survival competition “Wild Idol“, he prepared a contemporary number for BLACKPINK Rosè’s ‘On The Ground’. He also choreographed this splendid contemporary dance cover to BTS’ ‘Save Me’. And Eden has trained in acting. We hope he gets to display this skill in a drama soon.

As the day goes on, the members continue to show fans various levels of their charms and talents that truly make them special.


4. They already have an amazing discography

With 2 mini albums out now, NINE.i already poses some of the best songs by a rookie idol group. Frankly, while their sound falls under the bright and cheerful category that rookie groups are known for, they also have other songs that explore and showcase their broad creative range and concepts.

This self-produced group are pushing the boundaries when it comes to making quality music and are surely honing their identities in the process. Be it with the message, sound, production, or genre, each song has something unique that evokes different levels of emotions and reactions from listeners. These songs make their albums so flavorful and give the listeners a satisfying listening experience. While all the songs are bops, especially the title tracks, check out some of our faves below.


5. They are all good-looking

Hope you’re seated and got an eye drop next to you at this part because you will be staring at your screen for a very long time.

Firstone Entertainment

Reasons Why We Love Rookie Sensation Group NINE.i And Why You Should Too

Firstone Entertainment

Reasons Why We Love Rookie Sensation Group NINE.i And Why You Should Too

Firstone Entertainment

Reasons Why We Love Rookie Sensation Group NINE.i And Why You Should Too

Firstone Entertainment

Reasons Why We Love Rookie Sensation Group NINE.i And Why You Should Too

Firstone Entertainment

The members of NINE.i are a visual powerhouse whose dreamy good looks are so captivating and will easily have you falling in love with them. If visuals are a criterion for your stan list, then make room for the members of NINE.i because they deserve to claim the top spot.


6. They have the best cover performances

Much like their own songs, NINE.i members always deliver a memorable and amazing cover performance. Vocal or dance, they truly embody the feel and vibe of the original song while also adding their own unique style to the performance, making you feel a note of difference from the original as well.

And when you watch some of the behind of these performances, while they are also having fun, you see the amount of hard work they infuse into making these performances truly special and perhaps you might finding yourself giving a note of admiration and appreciation for their hard work.

NINE.i has made a comeback with their 2nd mini album “I (Part 1)” and its lead single ‘Young Boy’ that brilliantly captures their bright and youthful energies. Check it out below.

Did this article make you interested in the rookie boy group? Are you already a fan? Have you listened to their new album ‘I (Part I)”? Which song is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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