“Master Surasang” is a story about a fake mukbang YouTuber Joo AhRan, who is traumatized by food, and Ahn SulHa, a sincere chef who loves food.

The leads in the drama are Do Won and Lee SuJeong.

Actor Do Won has acted in the dramas “Kiss Scene In Yeonnamdong”, “Afternoon In A Small City”, and “First Kiss.”

Actress Lee SuJeong has appeared in the dramas “Business Proposal”, and “Hope Or Dope.”

Rookie actress Jung GuHyun will also be appearing in this web drama. 

The drama is produced by WHYNOT media which previously worked on “Kiss Goblin“, “Single & Ready To Mingle“, “One Fine Week“, “Best Mistake” seasons 1 and 2, and “Be My Boyfriend“, etc.

Here is more information. 

Master Surasang (2022)


Title: Master Surasang / Juinnim Surasang / 주인님수라상 

Director: Kang HyuNa

Writer: Yeo SongEun

Network: E-Mart YouTube

Runtime: From May 20, 2022

# of Episodes: 6

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Language: Korean


“Top mukbang YouTuber” Joo AhRan has trauma with food. Ahn SulHa, a fusion cook, loves food. A sweet, brutal romance unfolds when two extreme people meet as landlord and housekeeper.

Do Won as Ahn SulHa

SulHa is a third-year kitchen assistant who dreams of becoming a fusion cuisine chef. He likes the fusion dishes that he pioneered, not a set recipe. He is flexible and tactless, so he seems rough on the surface, but he is sincere in everything he does. All of his plans collapsed because of the mukbang YouTuber Joo AhRan, who came to the restaurant and criticized the food he made. 

Lee SuJeong as Joo AhRan

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When AhRan was young, she was a cute child actress known as the nation’s younger sister. However, 17 years later, after disappearing from the broadcast for some reason, she appeared on YouTube with her gorgeous appearance and slim body, instantly becoming an ” idol-class mukbang YouTuber”. Contrary to her arrogant appearance, she has a bit of pretentiousness and flair. 

Jung GuHyun as Joo AhYoung

 AhYoung is AhRan’s younger sister and a college freshman who lives with AhRan. Unlike AhRan, she has a full social life. It’s a survival rule for her to stand behind her older sister… She gets her allowance from AhRan and even serves as her manager. She opens her heart to SulHa, who takes care of her home-cooked meals.

Teaser & Posters

Here is one of the teasers.


You can watch the drama on the E-Mart Live YouTube channel here.

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