Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]



release date: November 8, 2022


ABTB’s back to take the throne!


ABTB, which plays the sounds piled up on various musical layers on the background of alternative-hard rock, was formed in 2014. ABTB proved themselves on stages such as “Naver Onstage”, “EBS SPACE Gonggam”, “JISAN ROCK FESTIVAL”, and was recognized through ‘Korean Music Awards’. Since the release of their first album in 2016, ABTB has made two singles and participated in two compilation albums. On May 1, 2020, the second album [daydream] was released. After guitarist ‘Hwang Leen’ appearing on the music audition show “Superband 2” and performing with the rising band ‘Kardi’, ABTB is back to take the throne once again with a well-made album!

In the new album [iii], the best rock vocalists in Korea, such as Kim Bada, Lee Yunchan, Cho Kyuhyun (from H a Lot), and Bae Inhyuk (from Romantic Punch), featured and showed a variety and broad range of styles. In particular, the title song ‘Bully’ is an unconventional rap/rock track in which the band’s guitarist ‘Kwak Sang-gyu’ as a frontman shows off his splendid rap skills, and all the vocalists who participated in the album are all joining in the chorus.


⬇️Check ABTB’s performance on “Onstage”🔥


🎵ABTB – Doublethink

🎵ABTB – a-void




Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

[KeeB Going]

Stella Jang

release date: November 10, 2022


Here’s another catchy song of Stella Jang🎵


Stella Jang, the singer-songwriter who immediately attracts attention with her fresh ideas and beautiful voice, is back with a new single [KeeB Going]. Stella Jang has collaborated with KB Card, as a carbon neutrality campaign. The project’s goal is to reduce standby power use in daily life. That’s why the lyrics say, ‘small moves make big changes’. ‘KeeB Going’ is a bright and cheerful song made with simple melodies and layers of Stella Jang’s unique voice. Those who loved ‘Colors’ would also love this song!


⬇️‘Colors’, the song that hit TikTok 3 years ago!

⬇️Check the animated music video of ‘KeeB Going’!

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]



Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]



release date: October 29, 2022


Who’s the next generation of Rock?


The next-generation’s rock star, band CHASEDAE (a.k.a The Next Generation) has finally released their new EP [LIE]. CHASEDAE has a huge fan base with unique retro style music, and they are performing actively on various venues to meet their fans. They also built their own venue called ‘Your next generation’ for more shows. The singles in the new EP are actually already well known to the fans since CHASEDAE has performed the unreleased songs on several shows.

It took more than a year for the band to work with those songs into perfection, to pack it in a new EP.

The members explain that the title song ‘LIE’ is their favorite because it warms both performers and listeners’ heart. They want this song, filled with unlimited love, to become a poem for people suffering from anxiety, fear and lonelyness. Anyways, the new release will prove that CHASEDAE is going to conquer the next generation of Rock n’ Roll!


⬇️CHASEDAE’s music is EVEN BETTER on live stages😎🎙️

CHASEDAE has appeared on Mnet’s music audition show ‘Great Seoul Invasion’ and surprised everyone – including the participants, judges and the fans – by voluntarily stepping down. They felt uncomfortable on the competition and the overall format of the TV show. However everyone supported their choice. 👏

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]



Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]


Heo Hoy Kyung

release date: November 10, 2022


Heo Hoy Kyung is back with her first album. Listen to front to back!


Heo Hoy Kyung, who debuted in 2021 with ‘It Doesn’t Matter,’ is a singer-songwriter loved for her clean, ethereal voice and honest lyrics. Especially ‘Kim Cheolsu Story,’ which was released a year ago has ranked 8th on the Spotify ‘Viral 50 Korea’ chart and Melon Indie Chart on this August. And it is still loved by listeners.

Heo Hoy Kyung’s first full-length album [Memoirs] is about all kinds of love from all relationships. The album consists of 10 ballad and folk songs, including the pre-released single ‘Our Forgiveness,’ and ‘Oh Dear Love,’ which features a rich sound, and ‘Naive Heart’ with comforting lyrics.

A 30-minute-long short film based on the song ‘Oh Dear Love’ is released on November 11, and the music video of ‘Oh Dear Love’ is made with the highlight scenes of the movie.


🎵Heo Hoy Kyung – So life goes on

🎵Heo Hoy Kyung – Kim Cheolsu Story


⬇️Here’s the MV! Check the short film here on November 11, 6PM(KST)



Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Cristal Love
by En Sokum

⬆️Never thought it’s possible to dance on a city-pop! Check En Sokum(former member of C9’s girl group Maywish)‘s cute dance on the music video. How about creating a TikTok challenge with this song and choreo?!



Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]

Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]


‘JUST B’, who made a hot debut in 2021 as a 4th-generation K-pop rookie, is returning after 7 months with the 3rd mini album [= (NEUN)].

Coming Soon on November 16, 2022


= (NEUN)


Korean Folk&Rock Special🎵 [MUSIC&NEWs vol.15]



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