Welcome to the 62nd article of Kpopmap’s weekly series exploring the amazing duality of K-Pop idols, actors, models, and more! Every week, we shine the spotlight on one artist who embodies the very essence of duality and has mastered the flair of harnessing their multifaceted talent to create the most brilliant, versatile art we have ever seen. As effortless as they make their craft look, there’s a universe of talent that brings their hard work to fruition, and we must show appreciation where it’s due.

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This week’s “Bias Duality” article is dedicated to an artist who makes us go weak in the knees with one look, A.C.E’s Wow. With 43.6% of the total votes cast by Kpopmap readers on the poll in our previous “Bias Duality” article, Wow was chosen by an overwhelming majority of fans to appear on this series!

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Now onto our bias!


Still Waters Run Deep – Wow’s Personal Duality & Evolution

What’s in a name, you ask? Well, in Wow’s case – the truth. Born Kim SehYoon, A.C.E’s Wow is a stunning force of nature – as expansive and deep as the ocean, as mighty as the mountains, as powerful as the wind and as grounded as the earth. His stage name, although derived from his favorite gum, fittingly commands a sense of awe, almost as if it is an invocation of excellence. When SehYoon transforms into Wow, he calls upon the muses, who bless him with the duality of the gods, expanding the horizons of his creative expression. This very duality is the essence of SehYoon’s emblematic motto: “still waters run deep“.

For those who might not know, the phrase “still waters run deep” is a proverb of Latin origin that has found place in literature and philosophy over centuries. In simple words, it means that a calm, imperturbable appearance can hide passions beyond belief. The fact that Wow chose this phrase in particular to represent his identity speaks volumes of how well he knows himself and like the famous aphorism “know thyself” goes, it is truly the most difficult feat.

The main dancer, main rapper, and vocalist of A.C.E, Wow, is in reality, a deeply introspective, thoughtful, and mild-tempered individual. He is driven by his love for art and thrives in any medium he chooses to express himself with, whether that be through dance, music, rap, painting or even fashion! His mind is a wondrous place, and picking his brain is probably on the bucket list of every CHOICE. The meaning and purpose he imbues into his art are so unique and unconventional that it leaves us in awe. There’s a serene and elegant quality to his presence, but when he’s on stage, he explodes like a ball of fire, bubbling with energy that just can’t be held back. After all, there’s a reason why he’s called King Wow, and ruling the stage is just one of them.

When it comes to the intricacies of Wow’s personality, our appreciation cannot possibly be contained in a mere article. Yet, we shall try nonetheless to capture a sliver of his multifaceted charms. Right from the moment Wow first stepped into the entertainment scene, he became renowned far and wide for being a powerhouse on stage. Off of it, he had a shy and reserved charm that endeared him to fans quicker than anything else. However, over the years, with the love of CHOICE all over the world and support from his fellow members, Wow grew more and more comfortable with presenting himself just as he is – bold, confident, determined, spontaneous, and animated. His spirited disposition, optimistic worldview, and originality drew even more people to him, inspiring them to chase their own dreams. Wow reciprocates CHOICE’s love manifold by constantly motivating them, drawing art diaries to give them strength, and encouraging them to be their own colour, their own style, because they are each one of a kind. He firmly believes that “you must smile for the mirror to smile back” and if that’s not the most profound dictum to live by, we don’t know what is.

The only thing more wholesome than Wow’s thoughtful, intellectual and mature personality is his warmth. He is a fluffball of sunshine, rainbows, and all things bright and beautiful. As the second oldest member and the hidden maknae of A.C.E, Wow is both dependable, compassionate, and caring on the one hand and playful, mischievous, and childlike on the other. There is sincerity in every word he utters, but it just so happens that sometimes those words are also out-of-this-world adorable. Who else could say “chocolate CHOICE” and have us melting into a puddle on the floor? His natural aegyo is so delightful that we wish we could fit him in our pockets! However, we must not forget that Wow also has the physique of a Greek God, albeit one whose smile alone can turn our eyes into love hearts. What’s more, is that SehYoon can also be a total sass king with the most unpredictable and chaotic sense of humor that will most definitely catch you off-guard, but it is something his members are fully familiar with by now.

Speaking of his members, to Wow, saying that they are his family would be an understatement. He is like a pillar of strength for his brothers but also thoroughly enjoys being babied and showered with affection by them. Unlike his fierce aura on stage, all it takes to make Wow smile is a dad joke and head pats. He is immensely protective of his members, so much so that he is constantly attentive to their needs, even those that are left unsaid. We already know he gives the most impactful advice, but he also looks like he gives the best bear hugs, and just that thought is enough to make CHOICE fall into a spiraling vortex of daydreaming. Similarly, when Wow is going through something difficult, he doesn’t hesitate to take refuge in his members’ consolation, and their unconditional love for each other is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world.


Embodying A Mythical Charm – Wow’s Vocal Duality

Owning one of the deepest baritones in the entire K-Pop industry and arguably the global music scene too, A.C.E’s Wow is the type of musician who reminds us of the beauty of art and how blessed we are that he has chosen this field. While Wow’s official primary position is that of the main rapper, he could very well pass as one of the main vocalists of the group, especially with how technically skilled and flawless he is. Perhaps the reason why he has achieved this level of perfection is that he genuinely and whole-heartedly enjoys making music, to the point that there is no other way to approach it than with utter magnificence.

Now, when it comes to Wow’s vocal duality, there are several binaries that take center stage – that between his tone as a rapper and a singer, the contrast in modulation and vocal control between songs of different genres, the switch up between his varied rap flows and so on and so forth. Concerning rap, the duality is simply self-evident. When Wow raps, his voice has a certain husky machismo to it that is impossible to miss. It is powered by a raw, unadulterated force that only Wow can channel with such refined delivery. It is also subject to change as per the concept of his verse. If it is rather romantic and light-hearted, you hear a higher-pitched tone, whereas a darker concept brings forward a deeper and lower-pitched throw.

On the other hand, when he sings, Wow employs a whole range of registers and tones to amplify his vocal color. Alternating between dreamy, airy tenor and rich, warm, golden bass vocals, his mellow timbre is just as impressive and polished as his chest voice. So it isn’t surprising that he can bring tears to our eyes with a romantic classic and also make us headbang in a club with a bop. Take Kim ByeongKwan and Wow’s cover of ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X, for instance, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Wow starts off with a higher middle register and turns to his modal register to add a layer of depth to the chorus. The difference is so stark and prominent, that you’ll find your jaw dropped on the floor before you even know it.

In another example, we have DongHun and Wow’s cover of ‘Try Again’ by d.ear and NCT’s JaeHyun. This cover is the perfect illustration of Wow utilizing his vocal prowess to the fullest. From the pristine melismas to the immaculate harmonizing, we just can’t get over how ethereal this is. Versatility must be Wow’s middle name because it sure defines his duality.

If you want to revel in Wow’s vocal duality even further, check out A.C.E’s covers of BLACKPINK’s ‘Stay’ and 5 Seconds Of Summer‘s ‘Easier‘, the group’s band version of “TWICE Hits” and quite literally all of A.C.E’s discography. Enjoy!


Casting A Chimeric Spell – Wow’s Stage Duality

What was that? You say you’re already head over heels for Wow? Well, too bad because you’re about to topple over when you encounter his stage duality. On stage is where Wow blooms as his most authentic, dynamic, and influential self. The way he enchants the audience, hypnotizing and commanding them to sway to his beat, is easily one of the most admirable qualities a performer could have.

Now, if we break down the factors that make him such a stunner on stage, it comes down to 3 clear markers: his eminence as a dancer, his facial expressions, and his conviction. It is a well-known fact in the K-Pop fandom that Wow is one of the best dancers the industry has to offer. He has rhythm running in his veins and music at his fingertips. Not only is he competent in this art form, but is also an inventor who has created his own unique style with years, perhaps even decades of unstilted hard work. Whether it be freestyle or choreography, Wow has a distinct flair that sets him apart at first glance. No one is doing it like Wow.

In terms of Wow’s duality in this aspect, the proof is in the pudding, which is A.C.E’s conceptual diversity. From hip-hop and open-style choreography to contemporary, robotic, lyrical, jazz, funk, pop, and lock – you name it, Wow has mastered it. The technical skillset he possesses is phenomenal, to say the least and watching him dance is a divine vision to behold.

Second, we come to facial expressions, and this is where Wow’s nickname, “King Wow” takes full effect. The man is incomparable when it comes to his stage presence, and a major contributor to this allure is his facial expression on stage. Wow’s gaze, in tune with his lips, conjures up the most inimitable expressions that leave us dizzy in amazement. An adorable smile can turn into an irresistible smirk in the blink of an eye. He can be intimidating one second and endearing the next, tantalizing now, lovely then, and we can barely keep up! Can this man get any more perfect?

The answer is – yes! The cherry on the cake that is Wow’s stage duality is the conviction with which he performs. He knows exactly what kind of impact he has on his audience, and he uses that knowledge to put us in a trance. Every single move he executes packs a punch and you can feel it in your bones. The faith Wow has in himself, his art, his expression, shines through in his performance, and that is probably the most addictive part of his duality.


The Sehni Edit – Wow’s Aesthetic Duality

A.C.E’s Twitter / Kpopmap

If being a stage god and vocal king weren’t enough, Wow is also a style icon! Besides the fact that he styles himself, designs/customizes clothing, and has a curated aesthetic for himself, he also looks incredibly good in everything he wears. No matter the look, he pulls it off with utter panache. One day, he’s serving siren, and the next, he’s giving us Sehni! As diverse and exciting as it is, we could describe Wow’s style with one word – wow.

Be it a casual, comfortable, boyfriend look or an elaborate stage costume, Wow looks equally good in both. Similarly, he could be decked up for a red carpet event or in his pajamas filming a vlog for CHOICE – either way, we are left swooning left and right. His elite, otherworldly visuals are probably why Wow has brought us a new aesthetic version of himself with each comeback, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised and enamored each time.

So, while you wait for Wow to return safely from his mandatory military service, indulge in some good old Wow appreciation by following the idol on Instagram (@5ehyoon) and becoming a part of a super cool corner of the internet where he expresses her innermost sentimentality. Expect the most interesting photography, artsy selfies that feel like they were taken right out of an indie film, and a glimpse of the duality that Wow embodies in his everyday life. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on this beauty.

At the end of the day, from his sparkling eyes to his heart-fluttering smile, everything about Wow makes us fall deeper and deeper in love. However, what shines the brightest (yes, even more than the twinkle in his eyes) is Wow’s veritably sincere and honest personality, inspiring millions all over the world to believe in themselves and the magic they hold within. His alluring art is changing the world in concert with his extraordinary goodwill, and we could not be more grateful for his existence. There’s a certain magnetism to Wow’s duality, regardless of the form in which it manifests itself, and we cannot help but be inexplicably drawn to his energy. Artists with such spectacular presence deserve the world, and if it were up to us, we would pluck a million galaxies, just for our eternal choice, Wow.

What is your favorite thing about Wow’s duality? Tell us in the comments section down below!


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