“Choco Milk Shake” is the perfect BL romance to enjoy this November.

The drama tells the story of JungWoo (Ko HoJung) who leads a lonely life. But his loneliness comes to an end when his childhood pets return, but as humans! His pet dog, Choco (Lee JaeBin), and pet cat, Milk (Kim SeongHyeok), cross the rainbow bridge, but now they have human bodies.

The rookie actor, Kim SeongHyeok as Milk is truly eye candy. Not only do his cat-like eyes favor him. He perfectly embodies the chic attitude of a cat with tons of cuteness! Just to prove it further, there are times we love Kim SeongHyeok as Milk.

This article contains spoilers.


1. When Milk Is Chic And Smart

In the very first episode, JungWoo’s world changes forever. Two strangers suddenly turn up at his house and claim to be the reincarnation of his childhood pets. JungWoo, at first, refuses to believe so. It was something impossible for him, but he couldn’t miss their auras. Milk’s elegance did not go missing, just like any other cat.

When JungWoo insisted that the two looked too different for him to believe their statement, Milk sassily replies that they look the same.


Though JungWoo accepts the fact and lets them stay, he was still processing the unusual circumstances. Choco, like an excited puppy, would follow JungWoo everywhere. He would be too close to him and make JungWoo uncomfortable. When JungWoo told him to keep his distance, Choco sulked and returned to the sofa. Just then, being a smart cat, Milk reasoned that they should go at JungWoo’s pace. It was hard for them to get used to their new bodies, hence, JungWoo must be struggling too.


2. Times Milk Asks For Attention Just Like Any Cat

Right at the opening scene, we see the two cling onto JungWoo as they sleep. JungWoo tried to push them away, but they would return.

Milk might seem reserved before others, like when JungWoo took them to his work place, Milk stayed away. Unlike Choco who kept following him, Milk did not cling or stare at JungWoo. Instead he also tried to stop Choco.

 3 Times Kim SeongHyeok Perfectly Embodied The Role Of A Cat In "Choco Milk Shake"


But that does not mean he doesn’t like attention. Every cat does! When he saw JungWoo fix Choco’s collar, he purposefully messed his own and cutely ask JungWoo to fix it.

Kim SeongHyeok made us fall for his adorablness as Milk becomes shy yet happy when JungWoo fixes his collar.

It is not only JungWoo but we also see him laying his head on Choco, hence asking for his attention and affection too.

 3 Times Kim SeongHyeok Perfectly Embodied The Role Of A Cat In "Choco Milk Shake"



3. He Loves To Play With Strings

As discussed before, in episode 1, Milk explained the situation to Choco. He initiated that he must accept the fact that he was no longer a Maltese and they should let JungWoo adjust. Yet just then! JungWoo comes out of the room whilst wearing his pajamas, with its two strings on display. Milk couldn’t contain himself at the sight and lunged at him. He pulled at his trousers, even though Choco tried to stop him- he couldn’t. Poor JungWoo had his pants pulled down, but all Milk cared about was that he got to play with the strings. His broad smile of pure joy was a perfect imitation of a cat’s joy.

 3 Times Kim SeongHyeok Perfectly Embodied The Role Of A Cat In "Choco Milk Shake"


The “Choco Milk Shake” actors have perfectly displayed their roles and are worthy of praise.

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