Campus life at Seoyeon University has always been relatively peaceful, but when an anonymous post appears on the school forum, the campus is in turmoil. Published by a mysterious individual who hides under the pseudonym “M”, the whole school sets out to find him. But the task will prove to be anything but easy.

Ma Joo A is in license 2 “Business management”. She makes every effort to discover the identity of “M”, even if it means putting her dream aside and avoiding any romantic relationship. She can count on the support of a shock team! Cha Min Ho the undergraduate computer science student and the oldest friend of Joo A. Seo Ji Min, an economics student and Park Ha Neul, a business administration student.

While trying to unmask this individual, these four friends will also see love knocking on their door, which will complicate their search. Will the friends be able to solve this mystery or will ‘M’s’ true identity remain a secret forever?

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NCT’s JaeHyun as Cha MinHo

MinHo is an audacious and bold second-year student of the Computer Science Department. With a brilliant idea, he is developing an app.

He has been the best friend of JuAh for 12 years.

Park HyeSu as Ma JuAh

JuAh is a brave and bright second-year student in the Business Department.

She is good-hearted and generous but also a nosy friend who loves to meddle in others’ life. She has decided to never date and is not interested in getting a boyfriend.

Bae HyeonSeong as Park HaNeul

HaNeul is the honorary ambassador of the school and studies in the Department of Business Administration. He now dreams to be a game developer.

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Roh JeongEui as Seo JiMin

She is the center of the cheerleaders and she studies in the Department of Economics.

UP10TION’s Lee JinHyuk as Gil MokJin

He is the roommate of MinHo and HaNeul. He studies in the Psychology Department (2nd year). He is the mood maker in the dormitory.

Woo DaBi as Hwang BoYoung

She is an expert in dating. She studies in the Department of Business Administration.

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