In the latest episode of Netflix’s “Business Proposal,” Kang Tae-moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop) and Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-Jeong) have overcome family opposition and got married. Until the end, the way they resolved their conflict was pleasant, warm and gentle. In the webtoon, what kind of ending did they have?

Unlike the drama, Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri have a wedding ceremony and honeymoon in Hawaii in the webtoon.
Shin Ha-ri’s best friend, Jin Young-seo, is overjoyed because she is the one receiving the bride’s bouquet of flowers. Shin Ha-ri asks Jin Young-seo about his refusal to marry together. Jin Young-seo has a surprise for Shin Ha-Ri: she’s pregnant. She explains that Cha Sung-hoon asked her not to be too active, especially since she is in early pregnancy.

Business Proposal;  Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri - The End of Webtoon the Drama

In the drama’s latest episode of “Business Proposal”, Kang Tae-moo’s grandfather, President Kang Da-goo, has a medical condition. Kang Tae-moo decides to travel to America for his grandfather’s treatment. Kang Tae-moo invites Shin Ha-ri to accompany him, but Shin Ha-ri refuses and chooses to remain in his current position. It’s because she doesn’t want Kang Tae-moo to have any more problems because of their working relationship at the same company. They begin a long-distance relationship in this way, continuing their love for each other.

Business Proposal;  Kang Tae-moo and Shin Ha-ri The End of Webtoon vs.  the drama

Then, one day, Kang Tae-moo returns to Korea without informing Shin Ha-ri, and he appears in front of her. Kang Tae-moo then proposed to Shin Ha-ri on a street with cherry blossoms. He puts a ring on Shin Hari’s finger and the two promise to marry with a sweet kiss.

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Business Proposal;  Kang Tae-moo and Shin End of Webtoon Drama

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