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“Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2” is the new season of the popular K-Drama “Arthdal Chronicles”, a tvN ancient times fantasy Drama!

Lee JoonGi and Shin SaeKyeong are the leads of this season!

Lee JoonGi is a top actor which made his debut in 2003. He then appeared in popular K-Dramas such as “Lawless Lawyer” (2018), “Flower of Evil”(2020), and more recently Again My Life” (2022). This new project is really appreciated by his fans.

Shin SaeKyeong is also a popular actress which started as a model at the young age of 9. She recently acted in “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” (2019) and, “Run On” (2020). Fans cannot wait to see her again in this new Drama.

According to the February 2022 announcement, Studio Dragon planned to release Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in early 2023, along with a webtoon and an MMORPG. This new season follows the previous ones. Indeed, “Arthdal Chronicles” was divided into three parts, being: “Arthdal Chronicles 1”, “Arthdal Chronicles 2”, and “Arthdal Chronicles 3”. In those seasons, actor Song JoongKi and actress Kim JiWon were the leads.

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Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2 (2023)

"Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary

Lee JoonGi & Shin SaeKyeong Instagram



Title: Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2/Aseudal Yeondaegi Sijeun 2/아스달 연대기 시즌 2

Director: Kim KwangShik

Writer: Kim YoungHyun, Park SangYeon

Network: tvN,

Runtime:  2023

# of Episodes: 12

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Political

Language: Korean



It tells the stories of various heroes writing different legends of the mystical and ancient country of Arthdal.



Note that the characters’ descriptions for this season aren’t out yet.

"Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary

Lee JoonGi Instagram

Lee JoonGi as EunSeom 

The son of Asaho and Neantal Ragazeu. Member of the Wahan tribe in the land of Iarc and, he is a stranger to Arthdal. On the day he was born, a blue star appeared, which in Arthdal prophecy, means he can bring a catastrophic curse to the land.  Due to his unique nature of birth, he has a unique appearance, personality, and extraordinary abilities.

Lee JoonGi as SaYa

SaYa is the Igeuteu twin brother of EunSeom also acted by Lee JoonGi. SaYa was adopted by TaGon when he was a baby. Since a young age, he is confined in a small room without seeing the face of his father TaGon.


"Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary


 Shin SaeKyeong as TanYa

The daughter of YeolSon, she is a pure descendant of the Wahan tribe. Just like EunSeom, she was born under the same blue star. She is a warrior who is wise and vigorous. In the days when normal people cannot dream, TanYa was blessed with the ability due to her pure blood. She is also EunSeom’s first love. TanYa is seen paying special attention to the child slaves and giving them hope and comfort.


"Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary


Jang DongGun as TaGon

The firstborn of Sanung, General of the Arthdal empire. Genius strategist who is exceptional in both literature and martial arts and is also the head of Dacan unit. He is the hero who won the big war against the Neantals. aGon announced the war of the new country Arthdal with the Ago Tribes (with EunSeom as leader). He wants to conquer the East.


"Arthdal Chronicles: Season 2" (2023 Drama): Cast & Summary


Kim OkVin as Tae AlHa

She is the daughter of the tribal chief of Mihol tribe. She is a scientist and a warrior. She has a lot of ambition in politics. She is the first woman in Arthdal that raises her power as an empress. She is also the prettiest woman in Arthdal. She is the political ally of TaGon and enjoys power. In the new kingdom, TaGon and Tae AlHa are waiting for a baby and that is the center of curiosity.


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