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“Aquaman” is a youth drama that follows the story of young people navigating friendship and love. 

This drama is an adaption of the webtoon “Aquaman” (아쿠아맨 in Korean) written and illustrated by McQueen Studio (맥퀸스튜디오). 

This is just one of the many drama adaptions coming out this year. Check out the list of drama adaptions being released in 2022 here. 

The leads in the drama are PENTAGON’s Yang HongSeok, Jung WooJin, Lee SoHee, and Shin SoHyun.

PENTAGON member HongSeok has appeared in the dramas “Blue Birthday”, “Move To Heaven”, “Anniversary Anyway”, and “On The Campus.” 

Rookie actor Jung WooJin will be appearing as BTS member TaeHyung in the drama “Youth” and has also acted in the drama “Sometoon 2020.” 

Actress Lee SoHee has acted in the dramas “To.Two”, “Oh, YeoJeong: Busan”, “W.H.Y.”, and “Sleepless In Love.”

Finally, actress Shin SoHyun has appeared in the dramas “User Not Found” and “The Moment The Heart Shines.” 

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Aquaman (2022)

“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary




Title: Aquaman / Akuamaen / 아쿠아맨     

 Director: Kim HyeYoung

Writer: Im JuYi

Network: KAKAO TV

Runtime: From 2022

# of Episodes: 12 

Genre: Youth, Drama, Romance, Friendship

Language: Korean



“Aquaman,” tells the story of young people, Ji SungJoon, Shin NaRu, and Choi SoRa, who have been friends for nine years, and Yoo SoMi, who will cause strange changes to take place between the longtime friends.



“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

CUBE Entertainment / “Aquaman” webtoon

PENTAGON’s HongSeok as Ji SungJoon

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SungJoon has been friends with Shin NaRu and Choi SoRa for nine years. He is a person who looks cold on the outside but has a warm personality. Because of his attractive personality and his overflowing charm, he is always dating someone. It’s as if his peak dating season is 365 days a year.  

When it comes to his best friend Shin NaRu, who he has built a special relationship with for a long time, a super-sensitive mode is activated.


“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Big Picture Entertainment / “Aquaman” webtoon

Jung WooJin as Shin NaRu 

Shin NaRu is a rising star in the art world, showing his genius in painting to the point where he was named one of Korea’s leading young artists even before graduation.

Contrary to his soft appearance NaRu possesses a sharp attitude and is a cynical person who never shows his true self to someone he meets for the first time. However, he keeps his heart open when he is with his old friends Ji SungJoon and Choi SoRa.


“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Lee SoHee Instagram / “Aquaman” webtoon

Lee SoHee as Choi SoRa

Choi SoRa, who is in the same department as Shin NaRu has a cheerful and refreshing personality. She has a lot of affection for Ji SungJoon and Shin NaRu because she values loyalty and friendship. 


“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

Shin SoHyun Instagram / “Aquaman” webtoon

Shin SoHyun as Yoo SoMi

Yoo SoMi is clear about her likes and dislikes and is the type to get whatever she wants. Because she has no difficulty in studying or making friends, she thinks she can easily date as she pleases and falls in love at first sight with Shin NaRu. She begins to carve out her destiny proudly.

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About the webtoon

 “Aquaman” (아쿠아맨 in Korean) was written and illustrated by McQueen Studio (맥퀸스튜디오). 

“Jump into the life of twenty-something NaRu as he navigates through the confusing world of modern dating. He’s faced with familiar moments we’ve all been through such as “should I add that smiley face at the end of the text?” or “why haven’t they responded to my text?” But the added challenge for NaRu? He’s never dated, doesn’t use a cellphone, and most importantly someone’s out there to sabotage his dating life!” – KAKAO Webtoon

You can read the webtoon in Korean here

Have a glimpse at the webtoon below.

“Aquaman” (2022 Web Drama): Cast & Summary

“Aquaman” webtoon


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