Coupang Play is releasing the extended version of its hit series “  Anna  ”!

The story in brief

The drama tells the story of Yoo Mi (Suzy), a woman who tells a little lie and finds herself living another person’s life. Jung Eun Chae stars as Hyun Joo, Yoo Mi’s former boss, who has lived an extravagant life since birth. Kim Jun Han plays Ji Hoon, Anna’s equally ambitious husband, while Park Ye Young stars as Ji Won, the senior in Yoo Mi’s editorial department and her only confidante.

A plus for the Korean drama Anna

On July 8, SPOTV News reported that Coupang Play is preparing to unveil an extended version of the series in August. A little later the information was confirmed.

“Anna” was originally planned to air in eight episodes, but the team eventually considered airing it instead so that viewers could immerse themselves even more in the story because it would be more concrete. However, due to the positive feedback, Coupang Play has decided to release an extended version of “Anna” which will allow viewers to enjoy multiple stories.

Coupang Play told SPOTV News there:

“An extended version of “Anna” will be released in August. It will be unveiled in detail with the rich stories of characters Yoo Mi, Hyun Joo, Ji Hoon and Ji Won. It will be a great gift for the many fans who love ‘Anna’. »

Are you looking forward to seeing the extended version?


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