TvN’s upcoming Korean Drama “  Adamas  ” has shared an intriguing teaser!

The story, in brief

“ Adamas ” tells the story of twin brothers who discover the truth about an incident that happened 22 years ago. The two brothers will work together to erase the murder charges of their biological father, accused of having killed their stepfather, and to find the "adamas" which is the proof of the murder.

The teaser

The teaser begins with Song Soo Hyun ( Ji Sung ) in a messy room, and her hands and face are covered in blood. It says: “  The bloody diamond arrow ”.

Eun Hye Soo ( Seo Ji Hye ), the Haesong group’s daughter-in-law who has a mysterious and elegant beauty as well as a dignified charisma, looks puzzled as she asks ”  Adamas? ” “.

Kim Seo Hee ( Lee Soo Kyung ), a social affairs reporter at TNC, steps forward with a determined step and says, “  I’m sure it’s Adamas . »

Choi Tae Sung ( Heo Sung Tae ), who is Haesongwon’s General Security Officer, asks someone, “  Are you sure ? »

Other people are clamoring for the Adamas with eager eyes, leading viewers to wonder why everyone is so eager to get it.

Towards the end of the clip, Ha Woo Shin ( Ji Sung ) says, “  I will steal the Adamas .”

Watch the full clip below!


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