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2022-07-20 한국어/조선말
Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction

The story

Directed by Choi Dong Hoon, “  Alienoid  ” is a two-part sci-fi film about the events that occur when a mysterious time portal opens and connects Goryeo Dynasty Taoists in search of a legendary sword. with people in 2022 chasing an alien prisoner who has been imprisoned in a human body.

Kim Woo Bin stars in the film as Guard, who escorts alien prisoners.

Interview with Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin admitted that he was confused after reading the synopsis for the first time. He revealed, “It took me eight hours to read the synopsis. I had never really watched sci-fi movies before and it was hard to imagine what it would be like. However, after seeing the big picture, the story became obvious. It’s a kind of film never seen before. »

Talking about how he felt filming with actors of the same age, Kim Woo Bin said, “When I work with older actors, I always feel like I have to do something for them out of respect. . With actors my age, our conversation becomes more relaxed and we talk honestly about our acting. We take on the role of audience for each other”.

The director wanted his character to blend in, hence the choice of an outfit that does not stand out
but can still send a certain energy.

The movie marks Kim Woo Bin’s first appearance on set in nearly five years, having shot it before his role in “Our Blues.” He recalled the feeling he felt upon arriving at the filming location for the first time and being greeted by the director and staff, saying, “I still vividly remember the air and of the sensation of my heartbeat before the first slate clapperboard of the film. »

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Regarding filming and how his lines were often changed on a whim, Kim Woo Bin said,

“Each actor has their own style, and I feel more comfortable when I’ve prepared everything. I was a little scared at first. I don’t have many things prepared, but what if I don’t live up to people’s expectations? But talking with the director before the shooting, all these worries disappeared. The director is someone who isn’t stubborn and sticks to what’s on his mind and goes with the flow of the situation and the actors. »

“Filming made me realize that a film is something that is done with many people. I’m quite a shy person with a lot of inhibitions, but I’ve started to enjoy my days on set more and more. »

He continues: “As I paused, I realized how grateful I was for all the things I had taken for granted. So, I started loving myself as I was instead of wanting to go to the future. I found pleasure in conversation, meals and exercise. I think it also influences my acting. Since I was young, I think I’m lucky to accept a job that is beyond me. I felt the weight and the responsibility of not disappointing people. But during the filming of “Alienoid”, I started to trust others and think to myself, “The director will do this for me” and “Ryu Jun Yeol will take over where I am failing”.

Sound Poster

The actor reflected on how his previous roles shaped his attitude towards acting: “I often used to take flashy roles and try to embody the charm of this genre. However, I always wanted to show a realistic game. After going through something significant in my personal life, my view of the world changed. In the past, I was living in the future. All I did was to help myself later, and I exercised to have a nice body. Because of this, the craft felt more like work. »

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Alienoid, Korean Movie 2022

In conclusion Kim Woo Bin said…

I finished filming the Netflix series ‘Black Night’ about three or four weeks ago. It took me a long time, so I plan to take some rest. »

As a reminder, the trailer

The first part of “Alienoid” will be released on Netflix on July 20.


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