“Again My Life,” Kakao Entertainment’s webtoon, continues its success as a drama. SBS’s ongoing drama “Again My Life” topped dramas airing in its Friday-Saturday schedule for 5 consecutive weeks with a new highest real-time viewership rating of 11.7% according to Nielsen Korea.

Not only the drama, but also the web novel and webtoon “Again My Life” were successful. The original web novel ranked #2 in total plays and the webtoon ranked first in overall webtoon sales on KakaoPage in April.

“Again My Life” is a revenge drama that revolves around a passionate prosecutor Kim Hee Woo who seeks justice after suffering an unjust death.

During his investigations, Kim must investigate a politician suspected of corruption. But his investigation comes to an abrupt end when a mysterious man assassinates him.
Later, he wakes up to find he is alive.

Again My Life, from webtoon to drama, an explosive popularity

Returned to the mortal realm, he finds he must return to college and complete his college journey, while trying to uncover the truth about what happened to him. During his journey, he meets Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun), an exceptionally intelligent young woman who is also the youngest daughter of the family that owns the wealthy Cheonha business group. As Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee Ah delve deeper into their search for answers, they discover that a dubious gang of wealthy brokers may have played a role in his “death.”

The unique concept of having a second chance in life adds freshness to the new life design process in which the protagonist reverses his fate. In this deep theme of corruption and revenge, the gripping narrative of the drama successfully captures the hearts of viewers. Lee Joon Gi’s brilliant portrayal of Kim Hee Woo also makes it look like he’s straight out of webtoon.

Again My Life webtoon to drama

The web novel of “Again My Life” received favorable reviews such as “It will be a hit when it comes out as a drama! and “It’s so much fun I read it all night.” »

An official from Kakao Entertainment said: “We are happy that Kakao Entertainment’s productions from ‘Business Proposal’ to ‘Again My Life’ are showing good results one after another. Although the drama is still ongoing, the drama “Again My Life” will have a different ending from the web novel and webtoon. It will be especially fun to enjoy the story of Kim Hee Woo in different ways. »

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