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“A Time Called You” is a time slip romance drama about a woman who meets her boyfriend in a past life after he passes away. 

This drama is a remake of the original Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day,” which recorded 1 billion cumulative views. 

The leads in the drama are Jeon YeoBeen, Ahn HyoSeop, and Kang Hoon.

Rising actress Jeon YeoBeen has appeared in the dramas “Vincenzo”, “Be Melodramatic”, and “Save Me.”

Popular actor Ahn HyoSeop has acted in the dramas “A Business Proposal”, “Dr. Romantic 2”, “Lovers Of The Red Sky”, and “Abyss.” 

Rising actor Kang Hoon has appeared in the dramas “The Red Sleeve”, “You Are My Spring”, “Meow, The Secret Boy”, and “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.”

In 1998 and 2023, “A Time Called You”, will provide nostalgia and sympathy through friendship and the passionate romance of people who lived at different times and fall in love as they go back and forth between each other’s worlds.

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A Time Called You (2023)

“A Time Called You” (2023 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary



Title: A Time Called You / Sanggyeonni / 상견니 

Director: Kim JinWon


Network: Netflix

Runtime: From 2023

# of Episodes:

Genre: Romance, Melodrama

Language: Korean


“A Time Called You” is a time-slip romance drama that takes place when JunHee, who misses her boyfriend who passed away a year ago, goes back to 1998 and meets SiHeon, who looks just like her boyfriend.


“A Time Called You” (2023 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary

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Jeon YeoBeen as Han JunHee/Kwon MinJoo

Han JunHee enters the body of Kwon MinJoo living in 1998 through a time slip that started accidentally after the death of her boyfriend, Koo YeonJun. JunHee and MinJoo share the same face but have opposite personalities. 

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While enduring the sorrow of losing her longtime lover, she faces shock and confusion when meeting a person who resembles her dead boyfriend in another time.

“A Time Called You” (2023 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary


Ahn HyoSeop as Koo YeonJun/Nam SiHeon

Koo YeonJun was in a relationship with JunHee until he suddenly passed away. In a past life dating back to 1998, he resembles a student named SiHeon, who dominates the popularity of female students with his good looks and active personality.

While on her journey to the past JunHee meets YeonJun in this past life as Kwon MinJoo.

“A Time Called You” (2023 Netflix Drama): Cast & Summary


Kang Hoon as Jeong InGyu

 Jeong InGyu is a person who is conflicted between friendship and love when he realizes that MinJoo, who once secretly had a crush on him, starts to like SiHeon, his best friend.

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