Here are the 9 dramas to watch if you liked the k-drama A Business Proposal”

1. Twenty Five Twenty One

Na Hee Do is part of her high school’s fencing team, which was disbanded due to the Korean crisis of 1998. But despite all these difficulties, she still becomes a member of the national team. This crisis also changes the life of Baek Yi Jin who had lived comfortably before his father’s business went bankrupt and he became poor. During his studies, he then did part-time jobs and later he became a sports journalist.

2. Backstreet Rookie

This drama is the adaptation of the popular webcomic of the same name.

Choi Dae Hyeon , 33, is a very handsome but surprisingly clumsy man who runs a konbini after quitting his job at a big company. One day, he crosses paths with the tough and quirky Jeong Saet Byeol , whom he had previously met briefly three years before. However, today she is determined to put her difficult past behind her and make a fresh start while being guided by her sense of justice.

3. « Because This Is My First Life »

Nam Se Hee is a 30-year-old who chose to be single because for him it was the most logical and intelligent decision. 
He managed to buy his own house, but the repayment of his loan consumes all his income, leaving him little to enjoy life. 
Yun Ji Ho is also in her thirties. 
She makes just enough money to get by and has given up on dating because of her financial situation.

Due to his financial problems, Ji Ho finds himself renting a room in Se Hee’s house. 
They must then live under the same roof, despite their different lifestyles and their lack of common ground.

4. ‘Love In the Moonlight’

Hong Ra On , an 18-year-old girl, forced to pretend to be a boy since childhood, finds herself taking the exam to become a royal palace eunuch.
To earn a living and under the patronymic of Hong Sam Nom , until then she provided love advice of all kinds and notably wrote love letters on behalf of Jeong Deok Ho , an intelligent but shy young nobleman.
When Jeong Deok Ho receives a letter from his beauty asking him to meet, he asks Hong Ra On to take his place because he feels unable to face the object of his love which is none other than the princess.
When the prince intercepts the letter arranging for a meeting between the two lovers, he decides to go there in place of his sister and send the lover away.
Therefore Hong Ra We will believe that Jeong Deok Ho and the “delicate scholar” are lovers.
After this little adventure, our heroine will be sold by loan sharks to a “eunuch maker” who, given his intelligence, will make him pass the competition to enter the royal palace…

5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The story of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is adapted from a novel of the same title, written by Jeong Gyeong Yun .

Lee Yong Joon is the young heir to a great company that he makes prosper to perfection thanks to his great intellectual abilities. He is handsome, young, confident and intelligent but more than that, for him, he is the very embodiment of perfection.

For the young man, perfection can only go with perfection, for this, he works with his secretary, Kim Mi So who represents in his eyes the perfect secretary, she is quick-witted, she anticipates each problem before he took place and perfectly supports the young vice-president, and this, for 9 years.

However, when everything is going well between them, Kim Mi So suddenly decides to quit after her 9 years of loyal service.
Lee Yong Joon will then have only one idea in mind, to recover his secretary and to do this… all means are good.

6.  The Heirs 

“The Heirs” is a drama transcribing the adventures and relationships of rich chaebol heirs to whom the pretty but poor Cha Eun Sang will find herself mixed up despite herself.

Those who want the crown must bear its weight.

Heir to the Empire Group , illegitimate son of Chairman Kim Nam Yun and engaged to young heiress Yu Rachel , Kim Tan grew up in the shadow of his older brother Kim Won who, unlike him, takes his job with the company very seriously. serious. While studying in the United States where he was sent by his brother considering his presence as a threat to his position, Kim Tanmeets a young girl named Cha Eun Sang for whom he will gradually develop feelings. But as soon as they return to Korea, he will quickly discover that she is none other than the daughter of the mute governess working for her family.

Following various combinations of circumstances, Eun Sang will also meet Choi Yeong Do , Kim Tan ‘s sworn enemy and heir to a large hotel chain, which will thus create a love triangle between all three. Incidentally, Yun Chan Yeong , Eun Sang ‘s best friend and son of Empire Group Secretary also happens to be Lee Bo Na ‘s boyfriend., Kim Tan ‘s ex-girlfriend and heiress to a major entertainment agency.

Throughout the story, this drama will follow the adventures of these rich teenagers who seem to have everything except their freedom.

7. Fated to Love You

This drama is an adaptation of the eponymous Taiwanese drama broadcast on TTV in 2008.

Also described as a post-it girl, Kim Mi Yeong is a rather shy young woman working as a secretary in a law firm. Endowed with a calm and servile character, she is constantly abused by her colleagues who take advantage of her complacency in order to subject her to numerous tasks, both professional and personal. Despite everything, she will arouse the interest of a lawyer from her firm with whom she will then leave for a cruise.

It was during this one that Mi Yeong met a wealthy heir and chairman of an arrogant and extravagant chemical company named Lee Geon.. This one is about to make his marriage proposal to his companion Kang Se Ra , a ballerina who will however put their couple aside the time to realize his dream of dancing in New York.

Through various coincidences, Lee Geon and Mi Yeon end up sharing a night in a hotel without being aware of each other’s identity, but things get even more complicated when the latter accidentally discovers herself pregnant. following this unfortunate event. The two one-night lovers end up getting married under family pressure, with Mi Yeong ‘s mother only yearning for her daughter’s fulfillment and Geon ‘s grandmotherabsolutely wishing to have an heir to their business.

So what will happen to our two newlyweds when Se Ra returns unexpectedly ?
And can an ordinary girl like Mi Yeon claim to become the wife of a chaebol heir like Geon ?

8. Clean with Passion for Now

Clean With Passion For Now is based on the webcomic of the same title, written by Aaengo .

Jang Seon Gyeol is the manager of a cleaning company. He is young, handsome and rich but is also mysophobic. This peculiarity makes him obsessed with cleaning and cleanliness.

Gil Oh Sol is a young woman with a playful, somewhat messy personality who isn’t afraid to get dirty.

What will happen when these two people meet and gradually change each other’s worlds?

9- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Sun is a woman who possesses herculean strength. It’s a family secret, only women can inherit this gift provided they use their strength for the purpose of help. If they use their gift for their own gain, they risk loss of power and repercussions in their daily lives.

Unfortunately, her strength is a curse because she cannot keep a stable job at the risk of revealing her secret. What she loves most is playing video games and dreams of creating a game character like her. Witness to an altercation between Bong Sun and a group of thugs, An Min Hyeok , president of the AINSOFT company, lies in his favor at the police station in order to prevent

Threatened by a stranger, Min Hyeok decides to hire Bong Sun as a bodyguard. She will then gradually develop feelings for her boss.

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