Here I am again for your favorite article of the month, 5 dramas that will be released in October.

1. Cheer Up

Release date : October 3
Diffusion : SBS
Released on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Han Tae Seob
Scriptwriter : Cha Hye Won
Genres: mystery, comedy, romance, youth

Main actors

Script : Do Hae Yi is a student at Yeonhee University. He is an enthusiastic person coming from a rather poor family. One day, she will join the team of cheerleaders of Teyia, for a reason of money. Through this experience, she will discover life on campus, and meet new people.

We start with a “youth” drama that will give you a breath of life through the development of Do Hae Yi. The drama will talk about friendship, love, but also all the problems encountered as a student. You will quickly be attached to this team of cheerleaders! Actress Han Ji Hyun, famous for her role in The Penthouse, will play our young heroine. You will also find Bae In Hyuk, recently in Why Her?, and Gyuri who continues her acting career 2 years after her last role and 1 month after signing with her new agency.

2.Love is for Suckers

Release date : October 5
Diffusion : ENA, Viki
Released on: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Choi Kyu Shik
Scriptwriter : Kim Sol Ji
Genres: comedy, romance

Main actors

Script : Gu Yeo Reum has worked as a TV show producer for 10 years. She is going through a crisis because all her shows are cancelled. His next show is “Kingdom of Love”. Park Jae Hun is close friends with Gu Yeo Reum. They have known each other for more than 20 years. He is a doctor of cosmetic surgery but has lost interest in his work. He is not looking for love but decides to help his friend by participating in the show “Kingdom of Love”. Will friends develop feelings by working together?

You obviously imagine the answer to this question… This comic romance will sweeten the cold days that await us in autumn. With Lee Da Hee, most recently in LUCA: The Beginning, as well as Choi Si Won, who will soon return in the second season of Work Later, Drink Now, laughter is guaranteed! Judging by yourselves in the teasers…


Release date : October 7
Diffusion : netflix
Released on: Friday
Number of episodes: 10 (of 50 minutes)
Director: Roh Deok
Scriptwriter : Jin Han Sae
Genres: thriller, mystery, comedy, sci-fi

Main actors

Script : The story revolves around a woman, Hong Ji Hyo, who searches for her missing boyfriend one evening in a flash of an unknown light. She will be helped by the community of UFO fans, and thus, she will discover the truth of a mysterious secret. Heo Bo Ra is a streamer and youtuber with very few followers. His videos are all about unsolved mysteries.

By the same screenwriter as Extracurricular, this drama takes us into the world of extraterrestrials. We can expect a funny duo between these two female characters who definitely have different charms. We find Jeon Yeo Been in the role of Hong Ji Hyo. Vincenzo was his last drama. At his side, Nana, his last role was in Genesis in 2021.

4. Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Release dates: October 15
Diffusion : Netflix, tvN
Released on: Saturday and Sunday
Number of episodes: 16 episodes (of 60 minutes)
Director: Kim Hyung Shik
Scriptwriter : Park Ba ​​Ra
Genres: history, comedy, politics

Main actors

Script : In a royal palace, princes are the source of a lot of worries. They are however on the way to becoming crown princes. Queen Im Hwa Ryeong is an irritable, sensitive, and short-tempered woman. Thanks to her temper, she stands proud for the sake of her children.

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve talked about a historical drama. The story is quite classic but the comic side that we see in the teasers will make us have a good time! The queen will be played by Kim Hye Soo whose last drama was Juvenile Justice earlier this year.

5.Curtain Call

Release date : October 31
Diffusion : KBS2
Released on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Yoon Sang Ho
Scriptwriter : Jo Seong Geol
Genres: life, business

Main actors

Script : Ja Geum Soon is a woman born in 1930 who escaped from North Korea during the war. She is separated from her husband and child. While waiting for her family, she established the Nakwon Hotel. Jae Heon is a stage actor who poses as Geum Soon’s grandson to fulfill his dream. Finally, Se Yeon is Geum Soon’s granddaughter, she takes care of the hotel.

I imagine this drama as something very touching that will focus on the relationships between the different characters. Director Yoon Sang Ho notably directed River Where the Moon Rises and Jinxed at First recently. In the main roles, we find veteran actress Go Doo Shim whom you may have met in When the Camella Blooms where she played the role of grandmother of Kang Ha Neul. You will also find the famous actress Ha Ji Won who was in Dramaworld 2 in 2021. She is known for her roles in Secret Garden or Empress Ki.

That’s it for October!

I hope you enjoyed this article, as always, do not hesitate to discuss with me and between you: recommendations, expectations, disappointments, etc. Here we share!

Personally, Little Women is a slap, I absolutely recommend it. The scenario, the actors, the music… in short, conquered 100%. Great love for If You Wish Upon Me, Ji Chang Wook was amazing and I really liked Sooyoung’s performance as well. Strong in emotions!

I take this opportunity to advertise Young Actors’ Retreat, a little nugget of entertainment for us fans of K-dramas (and especially actors).

I wanted to make a small remark concerning the drama One Hundred Won Butler which will be released on October 19 and which seems to me also interesting, as well as the drama Bad Prosecutor which I could not include in the article. Take a look if you have the chance.

Happy October everyone!

– mathoo –

“After frequenting the world of manga, anime and J-Pop, I finally fell into K-Pop thanks to SNSD in 2013. Since then, I have been learning about the different aspects of Korean culture, through the food, language, story… I got into dramas in 2016 thanks to BTS’ V and his role in ‘Hwarang’. By the way, my favorite genres are thrillers and historical dramas. Apart from that, I have a great passion for dance, and also for music!”

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