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November is already here, and like every month, here I am to introduce you to 5 dramas that will be released in the coming weeks.

Romance, thriller with or without hints of fantasy, a bit of comedy… in short, there will be a bit of everything! Dates may need to be reviewed due to national mourning.

Good reading !

1.Behind Every Star

Release date : November 7
Diffusion : tvN
Released on: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Baek Seung Ryong
Scriptwriter : Park So Young
Genres: Comedy, romance, business

Main actors

Script : The drama will take place in the Method agency, a management company. Ma Tae O is an intelligent man who works as the manager and general manager of Method. Cheon Je In has worked as a manager for 14 years. She is very competitive and loves her job. Kim Joong Don is Je In’s best friend, he also works as the leader of a management team. Finally, So Hyun Joo is a young manager who discovers the profession through many experiences.

Behind Every Star is a remake of the French series Dix pour cent. It may also remind us of the drama Sh**ting Stars broadcast earlier in the year. Regarding the actors, Lee Seo Jin returns with his second drama of the year after Dr. Park’s Clinic. You may know Kwak Sun Young from Hospital Playlist. Seo Hyun Woo is also on his second drama this year, he was in Adamas. Finally, some will recognize Joo Hyun Young, a young actress whose first drama was the hit series Extraordinary Attorney Woo. A nice mix of actors who will surely make us laugh.

2. Revenge of Others

Release date : November 9
Diffusion : Disney+
Released on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Kim Yoo Jin
Scriptwriter : Lee Hee Myung
Genres: Thriller, school

Main actors

Script : Ok Chan Mi is a 19-year-old high school student. She was a shooter on a high school team. One day, his twin dies suddenly. She searches for the truth related to his death. In this quest, she will meet Ji Soo Heon. A student who takes revenge for bullied students.

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had a little school drama. Added to this is a nice touch of thriller. The two main characters are played by two well-known young actors: Shin Ye Eun, whose last drama was More Than Friends. You may know her from A-Teen or He is Psychometric. At his side, Lomon, who was propelled by the drama All of Us Are Dead at the beginning of the year.

3.The First Responders

Release date : November 11th
Diffusion : SBS
Released on: Friday and Saturday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Shin Kyung Soo
Scriptwriter : Min Ji Eun
Genres: Policeman

Main actors

Script : This drama will follow the operations of the police forces and firefighters. Jin Ho Gae is a detective with excellent skills. Bong Do Jin is a fearless and caring firefighter with victims. Finally, Song Seol is a paramedic who takes great care of her patients.

We don’t have more information about the synopsis of this drama but the teasers will give you an idea of ​​the mood of this one. From the director of The Nokdu Flower and the screenwriter of Partners for Justice and Cinderella and the Four Knights, we can expect 12 beautiful episodes. Regarding the actors, Kim Rae Won returns to the screen a year after LUCA: The beginning, you may know him from Doctors. Son Ho Jun’s last drama was in 2020: Was it Love? In the meantime, he created his short film A Wild Apricot. Finally, you may recognize Gong Seung Yeon from Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Flower Crew, Circle or as Jeongyeon’s sister (TWICE)!

4.The Fabulous

Release date : November 11 (uncertain)
Diffusion : netflix
Released on: Friday
Number of episodes: 8 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Kim Jung Hyun
Screenwriters: Kim Ji Hee and Im Jin Sun
Genres: Romance, comedy, business

Main actors

Script : Ji Woo Min is an entrepreneur editor who retouches fashion photos. Pyo Ji Eun is the head of a branch of a luxury brand. We will follow his difficulties in surviving in the harsh world of fashion.

We now leave the thriller for a fresher drama. By the director of the famous Secret Garden and with its headliners, The Fabulous is promising. This is Minho’s first drama since The Most Beautiful Goodbye. His appearances in Yumi’s Cells were welcome, his return to the screen is awaited! At his side, Chae Soo Bin whose last drama was Rookie Cops. You may have seen her on the Young Actors’ Retreat reality show recently.

5. Reborn Rich

Release dates: November 15
Diffusion : jTBC, ViuTV
Released on: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Jeong Dae Yun
Scriptwriter : Kim Tae Hee
Genres: Business, Fantasy

Main actors

Script : Yoon Hyun Woo is a model employee, devoted to his work as the secretary of the Jin family that governs the Sunyang Group. One day, he will be betrayed by the family. He will die shortly after this betrayal. However, a miracle brought him back to life in the body of the young son of this family: Jin Do Joo. He will then do everything in his power to get revenge.

A story of revenge in a harsh environment. He has nothing left to lose, and this family has everything to lose… What will his plan be? By the director of I’m not a Robot and W in particular, Reborn Rich will be the opportunity to find Song Joong Ki on the screen. A pleasure to find him since the success of Vincenzo. At his side, Lee Sung Min, whose drama is the third of the year 2022. He was also in Juvenile Justice and Shadow Detective.

And that will be all for November!

As usual, here are some other recommendations of dramas that I have seen or that I am watching at the moment. I highly recommend One Dollar Lawyer, very fresh and funny, also Blind for a bit of thriller and puzzling history.

Don’t hesitate to share your dramas of the moment!

I’ll see you in a month!

– mathoo –

“After frequenting the world of manga, anime and J-Pop, I finally fell into K-Pop thanks to SNSD in 2013. Since then, I have been learning about the different aspects of Korean culture, through the food, language, story… I got into dramas in 2016 thanks to BTS’ V and his role in ‘Hwarang’. By the way, my favorite genres are thrillers and historical dramas. Apart from that, I have a great passion for dance, and also for music!”

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