Happy new year !!!

That’s it, here we are, in 2022. I obviously wish you all the best in what you do, and at the same time, I would like to thank you for following my articles, it makes me extremely happy! I hope this year will be filled with good dramas that will make us dream, cry, laugh and tutti quanti!

Good reading !

1.The Ghost Doctor

Release date: January 3
Broadcast: tvN
Aired on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Boo Sung Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee
Genres: Comedy, Medical, Fantasy

Main actors

Script : Cha Young Min is a genius doctor who is arrogant and self-centered. He finds himself involved in a mysterious case and he will then possess the spirit of Doctor Ko Seung Tak. They are complete opposites in personality and medical abilities.

Medical to start the year, and why not! It’s been a long time since we had another medical drama. It looks pretty funny… You will have recognized it, Rain is one of the main characters, alongside Kim Bum who returns after the drama Law School. Among the main lineup, there will also be Uee. It’s nice to find her on the small screen after 3 years of absence. All this small world coordinated by the director Boo Sung Chul who directed The Heirs in particular.


Release date: January 7
Broadcast: MBC
Aired: Friday and Saturday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Lee Seung Young
Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Jung
Genres: Crime, Comedy

Main actors

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Script : Hwang Dong Ju is the head of Division 5 of the National Taxation Bureau. His team also includes Seo Hye Young who has a beautiful personality and Oh Young. In Tae Joon meanwhile is an ambitious man who is the director of a regional tax office.

We then go into the detective story with director Lee Seung Young who also recently directed Voice 2 and screenwriter Kim Hyung Jung who wrote School 2015. Among the actors, Im Si Wan (ZE:A) who returns a year after Run On . At his side, Go Ah Sung from Life on Mars and Crime Puzzle and from the film The Host. And also two veteran actors: Son Hyun Joo (Signal, Itaewon Class…) and Park Yong Woo (Hwayi, Priest…)

3. Through the darkness

Release dates: January 14
Broadcast: SBS
Aired: Friday and Saturday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Park Bo Ram
Screenwriters: Kwon Il Yong, Go Na Moo,
Seol Yi Na
Genre: Thriller

Main actors

Script : This drama will talk about the difficulty criminal profilers have in understanding the minds of serial killers. Among them, Song Ha Young, a calm and charismatic man.

A rather short synopsis for a fairly easy-to-grasp storyline, and that’s nice for a thriller, that’s not often the case. This drama is adapted from a book of the same title written by a real profiler: Kwon Il Yong. Kim Nam Gil therefore returns 2 years after The Fiery Priest for this role. Accompanied by Kim So Jin, an actress better known in the field of films than dramas. And Jin Seon Kyu (Doctors, Kingdom,…)

4.Fly High,Butterfly

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Release date: January 24
Broadcast: jTBC
Aired on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Directors: Kim Da Ye and Kim Bo Kyung
Screenwriter: Park Yeon Sun
Genres: Romance, Life

Main actors

Script : The story of this drama will revolve around the employees of the hair salon “Fly High, Butterfly”. Gi Bbeum is a young woman in her twenties, she is an assistant. Kwang Soo is a hairdresser in this salon. The manager is Michelle.

A refreshing drama, without too many headaches, let’s follow the life of a small neighborhood hairdresser. I say refreshing because the screenwriter is none other than Park Yeon Sun who also wrote Age of Youth 1 and 2. Kim Hyang Gi will be our main role, she was two years ago in At Eighteen. Choi Daniel will therefore have the role of a hairdresser and it will change him from the detective he was in his last main role (in a drama), in The Ghost Detective. Finally, actress Oh Yoon Ah will play director Michelle.

5. All of Us Are Dead

Release Dates: January 28
Broadcast: Netflix
Aired: Friday
Number of episodes: 8 (of 42 minutes)
Director: Lee Jae Gyoo
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il
Genres: Action, Horror, Science Fiction

Main actors

Script : This drama will take place in a high school in which a group of students find themselves trapped during an epidemic of zombies.

We don’t have any more information about the scenario… Be careful though, this drama risks being very violent. You can watch this drama on Netflix! It’s quite interesting to see new faces in the cast, especially Park Ji Hoo. Regarding Yoon Chan Young, you may have seen him lately in Nobody Knows or Do You Like Brahms?, and finally, Jo Yi Hyun’s last drama was School 2021 with which she won the title of Best Couple at the KBS Dramas Awards.

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So much for the first post of the year.

After the busy months of November and December, we had a little rest for this month. Which isn’t so bad. I hope you will still find your happiness. So, which drama(s) are you going to start this year 2022 with? Do not hesitate to exchange!

I started my year with some 2021 dramas: Snowdrop and Work Later, Drink Now, and it feels good! Have a great month!

– mathoo –

“After frequenting the world of manga, anime and J-Pop, I finally fell into K-Pop thanks to SNSD in 2013. Since then, I have been learning about the different aspects of Korean culture, through the food, language, story… I got into dramas in 2016 thanks to BTS’ V and his role in ‘Hwarang’. By the way, my favorite genres are thrillers and historical dramas. Apart from that, I have a great passion for dance, and also for music!”

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