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Let’s go for the 5 dramas of the month! The selection is quite diverse, I hope everyone will find something to their liking. You will also find some other drama names that I could not include at the end.

Good reading !

1. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Release date: February 12
Broadcast: Netflix, tvN
Aired on: Saturday and Sunday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Jung Ji Hyun
Screenwriter: Kwon Do Eun
Genres: Romance, friendship, youth

Main actors

Scenario: This drama will take place in 1998 and will tell the story of several young adults in search of new life goals. Na Hee Do is on the high school fencing team. She will face several obstacles before becoming a member of the national fencing-sabre team. Baek Yi Jin meanwhile underwent a drastic change in life comfort after his father’s business went bankrupt. He does his best to find small jobs, before becoming a sports reporter. Their lives will cross several times and a beautiful relationship will gradually form…

Written by Kwon Do Eun, screenwriter of Search: WWW and produced by director Jung Ji Hyun who also directed Search: WWW, but also The King: Eternal Monarch and You Are My Spring, this drama promises freshness and a little retro! Nam Joo Hyuk returns 2 years after the success of Start Up and Kim Tae Ri will return to the small screen 4 years after Mr. Sunshine. She was in the movie Space Sweepers in 2021. You can also find Bona from WJSN.

2. Thirty Nine

Release date: February 16
Broadcast: jTBC
Aired: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Kim Sangho
Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah
Genres: Life, Friendship

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Main actors

Scenario: A drama about the friendship of 3 39-year-old women. Cha Mi Ko comes from a wealthy family and works as a dermatologist at her own clinic in Gangnam. Jung Chan Young is a theater teacher, she always dreamed of being an actress. Finally Jang Joo Hee is a manager in a cosmetics store.

Like Work Later, Drink Now, this drama is part of the wave of “good vibe” and “positive energy” series that deal with ordinary people with whom you can associate yourself. The energy of these three women will make you smile, just watch the teasers! Son Ye Jin returns 2 years after the famous drama Crash landing on You. You may recognize Jeon Mi Do from Hospital Playlist. Finally, Kim Ji Hyun will continue after the broadcast of Artificial City. She was also in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

3. I Haven’t Done My Best Yet

Release date: February 18
Broadcast: tvN
Aired: Friday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Im Tae Woo
Screenwriters: Park Eun Young, Park Hee Kwon
Genre: Comedy

Main actor

Scenario: Nam Geum Pil is a man in his forties who lives with his father and daughter. One day he decides to quit his job. Without a project, he receives a lot of criticism. He decides to become a webcomic scriptwriter because his neighbor makes a lot of money from it…

A new comedy drama that may make you want to question yourself a little. Lead actor Park Hae Joon received a lot of attention following the drama The World of Married in 2020.

4. A Business Proposal

Release date: February 21
Broadcast: Netflix, SBS
Aired on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Park Seon Ho
Screenwriters: Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee
Genres: Romance, Comedy

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Main actors

Scenario: Shin Ha Ri is a young woman working in a company. One of her friends asks her to take her place on a blind date. This blind date is Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company where she works. This meeting will completely change the course of their lives.

A beautiful comedy that will turn into a romance. We fall a little into the cliché drama but we can trust the director Park Seon Ho who also directed Suspicious Partner and Wok of Love. After demons and superpowers in The Uncanny Counter, actress and idol Kim Se Jeong returns to reality alongside Ahn Hyo Seop who leaves the traditional garb of drama Lovers of the Red Sky.

5. Military Prosecutor Doberman

Release Dates: February 28
Broadcast: tvN
Aired on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Jin Chang-gyu
Screenwriter: Yoon Hyun Ho
Genres: Military, Legal

Main actors

Storyline: Do Bae Man became a military prosecutor in order to earn money and achieve success. Cha Woo In is a young military prosecutor who became one for revenge. They have different personalities and different goals but will have to work together to bring justice to the army.

We had military dramas, but not necessarily from a legal point of view. This drama seemed to me rather interesting to present. The screenplay was directed by Yoon Hyun Ho, who is the screenwriter for 2018’s Lawless Lawyer. Playing Do Bae Man will be Ahn Bo Hyun who was seen in Yumi’s Cells and My Name in 2021. Jo Bo Ah will play the young prosecutor. This is the actress’ first drama since 2020’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

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That’s all for this article!

Regarding February, I wanted to mention the dramas “Forecasting Love and Weather”, a beautiful romance with Park Min Young and Song Kang, as well as the thrillers “Grid” or even “Sponsor” which seem very nice. Finally, another legal drama: “Juvenile Justice”, available on Netflix.

For my part, January was rich in drama, I finished Work Later Drink Now which I loved, I also finished My Name which is a big crush. I also highly recommend Happiness and Jirisan. I will soon be finishing Snowdrop, which I find really interesting. A lot of quite stressful dramas in the end… I also started The One and Only, I might as well tell you that I cried a lot. I will surely focus on lighter dramas!

Thank you for reading my article and invite you, as usual, to discuss in the comments section the dramas that interested you, those that you recommend, or not…

See you in March!

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“After frequenting the world of manga, anime and J-Pop, I finally fell into K-Pop thanks to SNSD in 2013. Since then, I have been learning about the different aspects of Korean culture, through the food, language, story… I got into dramas in 2016 thanks to BTS’ V and his role in ‘Hwarang’. By the way, my favorite genres are thrillers and historical dramas. Apart from that, I have a great passion for dance, and also for music!”

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