Welcome to your monthly section of a selection of 5 dramas that will be released during the month of August. Lots of “feel good” dramas, in several different genres. Comedy, romance, history and a little bit of thriller, your month of August will be accompanied by great series.

1. Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist

Release date : August 1
Diffusion : tvN
Released on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Park Won Gook
Scriptwriter : Lee Bom
Genres: History, Romance

Main actors

Script : Yoo Se Poong is a very famous physicist of the royal palace. Unfortunately, he was expelled from this court on suspicion of a conspiracy against the royal family. He then finds himself in the village of Gyesu. There, he will meet Kye Ji Han, an old doctor with a heart on his sleeve, and Seo Eun Woo, a young widow with great empathy.

It’s been a while since we had any historical dramas in this section! It is with a rom-com around the medicine of the time that we will find this genre. Kim Min Jae will play the role of the young physicist. We thus find him a year after Dali and the Cocky Prince. The young Kim Hyang Gi returns 3 years after Moment of Eighteen for this new role. Finally, old doctor Kye Ji Han will be played by Kim Sang Kyung. You may know him from The Crowned Clown or more recently Racket Boys.

2. If You Wish Upon Me

Release date : August 10
Diffusion : KBS2
Released on: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Kim Yong Wan
Scriptwriter : Jo Young Soo
Genres: life, medical, romance

Main actors

Script : Yoon Gyeo Re has a rather difficult past. He grew up in an orphanage and also did juvenile detention. He encounters several difficulties in leading a so-called “normal” life. Following an incident, he will begin to work as a volunteer in a hospice. He will then meet Kang Tae Sik and Seo Yoon Joo who work in this hospice.

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I imagine that just like me, the cast caught your attention! Indeed, we find Ji Chang Wook who we saw recently in The Sound of Magic, then, our dear Sooyoung who has just made her long-awaited comeback with SNSD. Finally, the famous Sung Dong Il who needs no introduction, if you are a fan of Korean dramas, you have surely already met him somewhere! We will thus see the evolution of Yoon Gyeo Re within this hospice which welcomes people who no longer have much time to live in front of them. If You Wish Upon Me is a touching drama that will accompany your month of August with laughter and tears!

3. Stock Struck

Release date : August 12
Diffusion : tvN
Released on: Friday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Choi Ji Young
Scriptwriter : Im Yeon Soo
Genres: Business, comedy, life

Main actors

Script : Stock Struck will follow the stories of 5 people who have invested in the stock market. Yoo Mi Seo is a young fiancée who is starting to invest but has already lost money. Choi Sun Woo is a 33-year-old man working part-time. Kang San is a person who wants to focus on his happiness without worrying about work. Jung Haeng Ja is the owner of a pig’s trotter restaurant. Finally, Kim Jin Bae is an old man who has been investing since he retired.

A beautiful comedy that will allow us to see evolve 5 different characters who have in common the fact of investing. Through them, we will be able to address many social issues. I want to point out that the Korean title literally translates to “The Ants Drive”, which made me laugh. In any case, in the drama, you will be able to find Han Ji Eun, who we saw last year in Bad and Crazy, and also Hong Jong Hyun, who is returning to the small screen after his military service.

4.Model Family

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Release date : August 12
Broadcast: Netflix (18+)
Released on: Friday
Number of episodes: 10 (of 60 minutes)
Director: Kim Jin Woo
Scriptwriter : Lee Jae Gon
Genres: Thriller, family

Main actors

Script : Dong Ha is a family man married to Eun Joo. As he goes through a period of financial difficulty and is on the verge of divorce, Dong Ha will discover a car with a large amount of money. He will then be involved in drug trafficking through Gwang Cheol, one of the biggest dealers.

After 3 rather light and funny dramas, I now offer you a rather violent thriller with a very dark synopsis. For all fans of thrillers and police, I think this drama might interest you. We will thus follow the life of this father who overnight will discover the violence of the world of drugs. This will be played by Jung Woo who recently appeared in Mad For Each Other. In the drama, he will face Park Hee Soon, our favorite villain from My Name. Expect a great performance from these two veteran actors!

5.Good Job

Release dates: August 24
Distribution: Viki
Released on: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 16 episodes (of 60 minutes)
Director: Kang Min Gu
Scriptwriter : Kim Jung Ae
Genres: romance, investigation

Main actors

Script : Eun Sun Woo is the director of Eunkang Group, Korea’s largest chaebol. He also works as a private detective. He thus leads two lives and completely changes his personality between his two roles. Don Se Ra is a cheerful person who was born with hyperacuity. To hide this faculty, she wears very thick glasses. She regularly changes jobs to help out. She will one day meet Eun Sun Woo…

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To finish the August recommendations, I offer you one last rom-com with a little investigative touch. By the same director as Itaewon Class, this drama will surely give you a good time with Jung Il Woo, whose last drama was Bossam: Steal the Fate. Historical drama whose main actress was also Yuri! After Seohyun, Yoona and Sooyoung, it’s also Yuri’s turn to return to the small screen. Decidedly, it is the month of the SNSD.

(Unfortunately there is no teaser yet, but I invite you to watch it if you are interested in the drama.)

That’s it for the article!

I hope you have found your happiness (or not so as not to lengthen the list of dramas to watch). Personally, I’m looking forward to the release of If You Wish Upon Me. Ji Chang Wook, plus Sooyoung, plus Sung Dong Il… there are too many arguments.

Otherwise, in the end, I didn’t really appreciate Link: eat, love, die, I wouldn’t recommend it. And even if it is not finished, I strongly recommend Cafe Minamdang for fans of comedy/thriller with a little touch of romance. Seo In Guk’s performance is top notch!

Beautiful month of August to all, see you at the start of the school year!

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