“  Again My Life  ” continues to rise in the streaming stats.

according to SBS

3 Good reasons why this drama is gaining popularity!


Unlike other revenge dramas, “  Again My Life  ” does not inflict any type of emotional damage on viewers through frustrating moments. With a mission to eradicate corruption, prosecutor Kim Hee Woo does not hesitate to punish members of the National Assembly with twisted causes. The main character also has physical strength, intelligence, connections, and wealth, which adds a new kind of charm to the concept of life-resetting fantasy drama.

During a press conference for the drama, Kim Ji Eun said, “You will feel refreshed and can watch the drama easily. The ratings have steadily increased, with the first episode starting at 5.8% and the last episode reaching almost 10% according to Nielsen Korea.


Lee Joon Gi is now irreplaceable thanks to his perfect portrayal of Kim Hee Woo. He impressed viewers by playing a college student at the start of the Drama and then playing a passionate prosecutor who does not compromise on law and justice. Lee Joon Gi has proven his ability to immerse himself in different genres, including romantic comedy and comedy.

Viewers were once again blown away by his portrayal in the fifth episode, when he didn’t use an understudy for the action scene in the pool hall. Lee Joon Gi also reached No. 1 on the weekly list of most hyped actors on Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of Dramas and Actors Who Generated the Most Buzz.


“Team Lee Joon Gi” captured everyone’s attention with their amazing chemistry. From his college days to his first appointment as a prosecutor, viewers have been captivated by the chemistry Lee Joon Gi exhibits with each of the other leads.

These people include Hee Woo’s mentor Woo Yong Soo (Lee Soon Jae), ally Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun), prosecutors Lee Min Soo (Jung Sang Hoon), and Kim Kyu Ri (Hong Bi Ra). , reporter Kim Han Mi (Kim Jae Kyung), Hee Woo’s first disciple Park Sang Man (Ji Chan), attorney Kang Min Seok (Lee Jae Woo), prosecutor Ji Sung Ho (Kim Young Jo) and investigator Oh Min Guk (Na In Kyu).


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